30 Teeny Tiny Houses That’ll Let You Live Large

Have you thought of owning a tiny house? Well, it is a great option. Here are some examples of why it is!

While most people want to live in a large mansion, some are happy and contented to have a small home.

Well, we might have seen many small homes, cabin and apartments like this small Manhattan Apartment but there are still smaller ones than those.

If you think living in a tiny house is boring and uncomfortable, you are totally wrong because any tiny homes could even be better than large ones.

Not convinced? You can see that on the list of a tiny house that we will show you today.

In truth, tiny homes had been everywhere. You can even see plans and how-to build one online. This means you can make your very own tiny home.

The secret of a tiny house is the use of space-saving furniture and maximizing every corner of the home. Most of these homes are even sustainable which is, of course, a good thing. We have collated some amazing tiny homes around the world. Come take a look!

1. Williams Cabin

Architect Stephen Atkinson designed the Williams Cabin which is a minimalist cabin in Durango, Colorado featuring a kitchen and bathroom and open concept living area.

Williams Cabin

2. Sphere House

Bring back the memories of childhood with a treehouse that has a unique shape.

The Sphere House isn’t an ordinary dwelling that can be accessed by a set of long stairs.

Sphere House

3. Baumhaus Djuren

Isn’t this a wonderful tiny home? This is the Baumhaus Djuren with a unique form.

Baumhaus Djuren

4. Miller Tiny House

What a gorgeous Miller Tiny House with a modern design made from wood.

And yes, the lighting sure is full of drama.

Miller Tiny House

5. Pietro Belluschi Tiny House

Different sections of the Pietro Belluschi Tiny House are separated by sliding shoji screen pocket doors.

Pietro Belluschi Tiny House


6. Single Hauz

Inspired by freestanding billboards often seen near highways, the Single Hauz has a slim raised design. It is made for just one person.

Single Hauz

7. Compact Beach Chalet

This Compact Beach Chalet is a 388 sq. ft. a tiny home with a living area, dining area, and two bedrooms.

Compact Beach Chalet

8. Awning Home

The design of this Awning Home is a mix of straight and curved lines resulting in a modern home on wheels.

Awning Home

9. Leaf House Yukon Canada

Going somewhere? Bring your house with you like this Leaf House Yukon Canada.

Leaf House Yukon Canada

10. Tiny House Plattsburgh

This is a cute house, isn’t it? This is the Tiny House Plattsburgh which is also made of wood.

Tiny House Plattsburgh

11. The Cider Box

The Cider Box is just like some modern homes with a double glass door and sliding windows.

The Cider Bo

12. Bethany Tiny House

This Bethany Tiny House has a curvy design and is covered with some material that looks like roofing to me.

Bethany Tiny House

13. Minimotives Tiny Home

I like the design of this Minimotives Tiny House.

If this is my home, I’d definitely be proud of having this as a home!

Minimotives Tiny Home

14. Robin Falck

This house by Robin Falck was built without a permit because its floor area is less than 96-128 square feet. Pretty cool, right?

Robin Falck

15. Small House On The Beach

Isn’t that lovely? A Small House On The Beach by VaSLab Architecture is a home you’d definitely fall in love with. I love it that it has its own pool.

Small House On The Beach

16. Rocky Mountain

The Rocky Mountain has an exterior made from wood and corrugated galvanized sheets.

Rocky Mountain Tiny House

17. Tiny Home In The Wilderness

What a beautiful Tiny House In The Wilderness! You might even think this is the home of the seven dwarfs from Snow White.

Tiny Home In The Wilderness

18. Tiny Home Movement

If your space is on a corner, you may want to try this design of one of the houses from the Tiny Home Movement. Cool!

Tiny Home Movement width=

19. Kathy’s Oasis

Kathy’s Oasis sports a garage, balcony, and full-size bath. It is only 750 square feet with one bedroom and a bath.

staircase width=

20. Gabriella and Andrew Morrison

Oregon couple Gabriella and Andrew Morrison made this amazing tiny house costing $33,000 only.

Gabriella and Andrew Morrison

21. Tiny House

This Tiny House has many features that will make you love it.

It has solar panels for our electricity needs, rainwater catchment for watering plants, composting toilets for urine-diverting that needs no water or electricity and others.

Tiny House

22. OTIS pod home

The OTIS pod home is made by 16 college students. It has a rainwater collection system for indoor plumbing.

Another good feature is the stained-glass like privacy windows.

staircase hidden storage

23. Narrow Modern Infill Tiny House

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is thisNarrow Modern Infill Tiny House that looks like a high-rise building!

Narrow Modern Infill Tiny House

24. Wind River Bungalow

What a pretty home! The Wind River Bungalow is constructed of rain-screen cedar and hardy siding for extreme durability.

staircase storage

25. Transforming A-Frame House

You will love this Transforming A-Frame House wherein the porch can be closed when you want privacy.

hidden storage table

26. Floating House

This one is not for the sea-sick! A Floating House will make you feel like you live in a yacht.

armchair storage

27. Wedge

The Wedge shows a combination of a rustic and modern aesthetic.

This is said to be the model of rolling cabins that we see these days.


28. Clothesline Tiny Homes

Couple Carrie and Shane run Clothesline Tiny Homes that offers designs and floor plans of tiny homes like this one.

Clothesline Tiny Homes

29. The Painted Lady

This tiny Victorian house is called The Painted Lady because it used 6 colors for its paint.

The Painted Lady

30. Sundance

A Wild West tiny home dwelling, the Sundance has a lovely bathroom and a western-themed interior design.


We think you feel inspired to make your own tiny house after seeing this list!

Some places do not require a permit for homes this small which is a good thing of course.

And you will be spending less on a home like this. These homes are best for a couple or those who want to experiment with small areas.

Do you know someone who wants to build a tiny house? Share this list with them for more ideas!