This Cabin is So Small. No Permit is Needed to Build One.

Working on permits is a hassle. It takes a lot of time and effort in order to get an approved piece of paper allowing you to build a house. But what if you needed to create a home at once and you don’t have the luxury of time to wait for a permit? Well, you will get an idea of what you could do with what this Finnish designer have made. In truth, when I saw this, it made me think that we can really build homes this small and skip the permit. But don’t forget to review your area’s building code and zoning restrictions too.

Robin Falck wanted to build his own place but with his mandatory military service coming in less than a year, he doesn’t have enough time to build a big house and to work on the permits. Since a house that is less than 96-128 square feet doesn’t require a permit in Finland, Robin designed a house that will save him from a permit.

Robin Falck

Using locally sourced and recycled materials, Robin Falck was able to create this cabin.

Seoul, South Korea

The cabin is located in the woods which he discovered while hiking. When he saw the place, he knew it is where his cabin belongs.

Dreamy Nido Small Cabin

He designed the house during the winter months and started building in the month of June. Materials where hand carried to the site.

Nido Small Cabin

The first floor of the cabin has a lounge area and micro-kitchen.

Nido Small Cabin

While the second floor has a sleeping area and storage.

Nido Small Cabin

The design of the windows allows natural light to get into the house. It is also a perfect way to get a good glimpse of the stars at night.

Nido Small Cabin

Robin spent two weeks to finish his small cabin. He spent around $10,500 excluding his own labor.

Nido Small Cabin

If you are wondering how the cabin really looks like inside, this floor plan will show you.

I love this place! Aside from its location, the design is also intelligently done and yes, Robin Falck‘s carpentry skills is really excellent that he was able to create a home as stunning as this. He really planned everything well resulting into a gorgeous small cabin. Do you know how he calls his place? He calls it Nido which is an Italian term for bird’s nest. Yes, with a dwelling this small, it can really be compared to a nest and with the skills of Robin, he was really able to build a home like how a bird could build a nest.