This Is The Smallest House In The World. It Is Remarkably Surprising![VIDEO]

But you can still live in it. One person per house for it is just one sq. m. Just imagine, each member of the family will get their own house and all of you will proudly say that “I have a house of my own!”. That’s cool but we are not sure if your friends will be happy to see how small your house actually is.

This 1 sq.m. house is not just small but is also portable. You can travel the world with your own Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel and founder of Hartz IV Möbel, has created “One-Sqm-House”. You can make your own house from wooden structure occupying just 1 square meter of space. This DIY house can also be used as a mobile kiosk or can be an extra room in your apartment.

Hartz IV Möbe

The house weighs only 40 kilos and it has wheels which means it can be moved around easily.

Smallest House

It’s flipping mechanism allows you to use it horizontally and vertically.

Van Bo Le-Mentzel

And like what I said, you can all have your own house and place it anywhere you want to.

One Sq. M. House

This small house is easy to make. It’s just like making your dog’s house but in a smarter way.

One Sq. M. House

It has a slide window which is large enough for you to look out to your surroundings.

One Sq. M. House

When sleep time comes, this is how it is positioned.

One Sq. M. House

You can even invite a friend inside it. Of course, leave the shoes outside so that your home will stay clean.

One Sq. M. House

You also have your own desk where you can work. And yes, it also has a window when up on this side.

One Sq. M. House

This is how the house can be used during day and night!

One Sq. M. House

While this one shows you an even more extensive usage of the small house from a bedroom, work area, storage and even to a kiosk.

I know you will ask if you can actually live there. My answer is, it depends on you! But you can try if you want to. It isn’t that expensive anyway. You can check on the plans of the house from Hartz IV Möbel. Like what they said no workshop is needed to create a house like this! Here is a video of the smallest house in the world!

All I can say is that with a house like this, I will have the freedom to choose my place, my neighbors and change that from time to time. Interesting, right? Why don’t you share this to your friends?