The Modern Desert House That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Have you thought of owning a house in the desert? Maybe you haven’t! But this particular modern desert house will surely change your mind!

This modern desert home is worth $3M, and I am pretty sure some will love to have this and wish for a magic lamp to get that cash immediately.

This Organic Modern Estate is a dream come true especially for those who want intimate isolation and extreme privacy. Not sure if you will agree with me?

Take a look at this modern desert house, and convince me that you don’t want this too!

Well no, not really. You don’t have to buy this house but I am warning you, once you see it, you will be left in awe.

Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

This is the house facade. It doesn’t look like much from this angle and blends in with the surrounding it.

Now that is camouflaged! The color of this modern desert house is just the same as the rocks that surround it.

Joshua Tree, California

But if you get to see a better look, you will say, “Wah! What is that thing?”

No, it isn’t a giant alien from outer space or a lost member of the Transformers. It is a house.

A modern desert house that has a unique facade that’ll make you look twice.

Organic Modern Estate

No doubt, this is engineering and architecture at its best! Just look at how sturdy and hard that structure is, like the rocks that surround it. What a home!

Organic Modern Estate

And the roof! The roof is just….oh!

From this aerial view, the structure doesn’t look like a desert house at all but a misshapen rock.

We could applaud the designer for still considering how the structure will look from above.

Organic Modern Estate

If you see this lighted home from afar, you will think Genie has built another palace in the desert!

This particular view here adds a mysterious ambiance to the structure with its dramatic and muted lights with the sky as the only backdrop.

Modern Desert House

A luxurious, sophisticated and grand palace like this! We guess those roofs have a mechanism of some sort that opens and closes. Not sure though.

Organic Modern Estate

Rocks everywhere and the feel of rock in the house will certainly rock your world!

From this view, the structure looks like an ancient structure out from the books or the movies.

Organic Modern Estate

But don’t be too excited because that is just the exterior. There is so much more inside that will make you want to own this.

The designer has made sure that the exterior’s texture and the color are the same as the rocks surrounding it.

Organic Modern Estate

And just how we mentioned before, this is indeed beautiful! You can catch a glimpse of copper, steel, concrete and natural rocks inside the house!

Despite the rough structure of this modern desert house, the designer has made the walls and columns curved.

Organic Modern Estate

Everything is just breathtaking. Cool! The tables, the chairs, the ceiling, the pendant lights and all!

The designer has even left the rocks at the center of the room and designed the rest of the house around it.

Organic Modern Estate

Tell me, who wouldn’t love to get a house like this? It is a mirror of modern organic architecture!

There is also a futuristic design of this desert house that we love. It looks like a home from a sci-fi movie, wouldn’t you agree?

Organic Modern Estate

The swirling copper inside and all those decors are so full of details! We love how the designer and the homeowner did not waste any space of the structure. Everything is synchronized and consistent with the theme.

Organic Modern Estate

And even more details here from the flooring to the ceiling. Its interior details will leave you staring for hours.

We love the lighting of this space here as it is futuristic. The subtle light enhances the color and the structure of the walls and the ceiling.

Modern Desert House

The family room has that serene feel. You are really like living inside the rock with plants and a huge boulder but you can still get the comfort of “living”.

We rather love the plants dotted in this area to welcome that homey and earthy feeling.

This space feels like the architecture embraced the natural landscape of the area. It doesn’t look forced at all, but just completely natural.

Modern Desert Home

This house belonged to artists not just because of this sculpture but because of how the entire house was designed as a huge masterpiece.

The modern desert house was owned by two contemporary artists, Beverly and Jay Doolittle who are already in their retirement years. They wanted to live in a new home on a location with fewer elevation-changes and rocky paths.

The house is currently listed in the US Market for $3 Million. Imagine living here and get inspiration all the time!

Well, this house wowed us especially when we saw the video below. So come and take a look and be inspired! Who knows, you’ll have a similar modern desert home too!

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The Modern Desert House That'll Take Your Breath Away