Escape to a World of Luxury at this Waterfall Estate

Have you ever thought of living in a waterfall estate? How would that feel like? Let us take a look at the Water Falling Estate!

We were kinda hooked up upon checking this house’s interior. Every view on this house, from the kitchen, living room, and even the exteriors will make you think of quitting your day job and stay here for good.

Now, this waterfall estate isn’t your ordinary luxury house. In the land of Ninole, Hawaii is where a 9.44-acre structure known as the Water Falling Estate is situated.

water falling state

Looking from an aerial shot of this luxurious paradise house is so breathtaking. That layered waterfalls on the cliff are enough to make it worth your stay.

Just imagine living here and hearing the gentle waves of the ocean and the rush of the water as it cascades down the cliff!

water falling state aerial

Let us take a closer look at the Water Falling Estate. It feels good to see the view overlooking the Pacific. You might want to bring a helicopter to see it all!

The air should be as fresh as you can imagine!

water falling state pool

Here is the 25-meter Olympic-sized swimming pool where you can slide and dive-in on a 7-meter platform. All in one pool.

This would make up for the lack of beachfront, but a great substitute, of course. You can do some laps here.

water falling state pool two

Another view of the infinity pool facing at the Pacific. You could feel how exciting and peaceful it is to be in here.

From this angle, it seems that the pool is an extension of the ocean down below. Not bad!

water falling state night

Almost night time and still so relaxing.

We love how the lights play around the pool. The place looks peaceful and a paradise on its own.

water falling state living room

Walking into the living room will give you that feel of elegance.

The earth-tones of the furniture and fixtures look great to the eyes. There is also a grand piano at the corner where you can play soft tones to increase the relaxing ambiance of this waterfall estate.

waterfall estate kitchen

This view of the kitchen and the dining area captures the elegance and class of the room. Like the living room, this space at the waterfall estate is designed with earth-tones and matched with the cream color.

water falling state kitchen view

And in this area as well. We love how the room opens up to the view outside. The dining experience alone will allow you to relax and unwind.

water falling state game room

This is where the game room is located with a perfect panoramic view of the outside. That cylindrical structure is the 52 inch round elevator that connects the three floors.

The room has access to a terrace outside with lounge chairs where you can relax after playing some games.

water falling state bedroom

Water Falling State has 5 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms enough to accommodate some friends.

This particular room is spacious with a comfortable sofa to sit down on.

water falling state helipad

Above the house is a Helipad for your Helicopter of course! Getting to and out of the waterfall estate should be done with style, after all!

water falling state tennis court

For sporty people, there is a Tennis and Basketball court to enjoy. Sweat it out with the fresh air of the ocean and you won’t be that tired!

water falling state golf

Or get some gears and play golf. The stream flowing around the property adds a nice and refreshing ambiance to the area.

water falling state falls

Another thing that makes the Water Falling Estate special is the natural 3-tier waterfalls from the cliff. Amazing isn’t it?

water falling state falls view

Let us take a closer look at the magnificent waterfalls. So inviting!

This luxurious estate is an experience that you would give up every money you’ve got. That’s if you have $6.3M in your bank account.

Water Falling Estate has been sold In Auction giving it to the highest bidder on March 21st. So expensive but is worth it.

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Escape to a World of Luxury at this Waterfall Estate