Cute Cat Playground House for the Cat Lovers

For cat-lovers out there, you can definitely turn your home into a cat playground house. How? Well, let’s take a virtual tour at this guy’s home with a cat playground to get ideas!

Yes, someone really loves cats soooo much that he turned his own home into a cat paradise.

I think if cats could read this, they would present themselves to be adopted by this family so they can enjoy endless playtime. I’d guess stray cats are roaming around this house just now to see if they can join the 18 cats that are already in the household.

This feline paradise is located in Goleta, California. Believe it or not, he spent $35,000 for the renovation adding a spiral walkway, tiny stairs that lead to various kitty ledges, climbing pools, colorful ramps, walkways, and tunnels. All that for his cats.

But of course, he did not forget to add a new ventilation system to make sure that air is well regulated since the animals are all inside his house.

Cat Paradise

From the outside, you will not expect that there is a feline party inside for it looks surprisingly normal.

It looks so homey that you’d expect the regular cozy interior… But when you enter, you’d be surprised at how the owner gave his cats such a playful space.

Goleta, California

The living room looks quite normal too but the other areas of the house will send you the message that cats are here.

Trillium Enterprises

Just like this entryway with a cat wall art and a mint green cat walkway above the arc.

A subtle yet cute way of welcoming cats and cat-lovers alike!

Cat Playground House

This home office that has walkways too. The cat owner sure loves to work with cats around because…

Cat Playground House

One side of the wall has cat walkways to let his feline friends hangout in his working hub.

This surely looks like an inviting way to have your furry friends near you while you are busy typing away on the computer. Though we are sure you’d be tempted to be lazy too while watching them lounging on those cat walkways.

Cat Paradise

And he even made sure that they will have a good time with this spiral slide. Such a cool addition to the cat playground house!

Cat Paradise

And not just in the office but even in his own bedroom.

Cat Paradise

Even bath time is playtime with his cats. Just look at that tiny stairs from the wall to the tub of this cat playground house.

Cat Paradise

This certainly is one cat playground house that exudes and overflows with cat love.

Cat Paradise

But the kitchen is free from the walkways maybe to make sure that the cats won’t mess up with the food in here.

We wonder if they can keep the cats from visiting here though. The smell of food cooking would’ve been overwhelming, not unless they are too busy inside the cat playground house.

Cat Paradise

And here we are again, as we leave the house, we will never expect that inside it is a playground and a paradise for cats.

I can tell that the rats are hiding with fear in this Garden Oasis and for sure, they envy the party these cats have in this house. Trillium Enterprises called this as the Garden Oasis because it is full of life with plants and animals.

It also looks lively with the playful colors in it, modern electronic gadgets and appliances and even a Koi pond with an underwater camera. This house has it all, even a playground for cats.