This Luxury Estate Is Something Worth Seeing! I Was In Awe!

If I had a lot of money, I would definitely live in million dollar property and live happily ever after! Sounds exciting and at the same time may be a little impossible? Well, everything is just possible! There are endless possibilities out there! Just imagine living in a 7,000 square ft. luxury estate and have one of the most amazing views at your doorstep!

Tim Berling, better known as DJ Avicii, also thought so and has bought this astounding $15.5 million property in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. Designed by McClean Design and decorated by Brown Design Inc., this estate has 6 bedroom, 7 bathrooms, a very stylish kitchen, several social areas, plus a breathtaking panoramic view of the city’s skyline! Not to mention the cantilevered swimming pool that divides the house in two! Wow! I would definitely love living here!

Hollywood Hills Front View

Facing the city’s skyline is worth a million ‘wow!’.

Hollywood Hills Glass Panels

The property has several outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, beautiful wooden floors in the bedroom and glass panels that can be fully-opened for fresh-air!

Hollywood Hills Living Room

The simple yet elegant design of the living room compliments the view outside. Imagine looking at this view everyday!

Hollywood Hills Social Room

Up for a night with friends or spend a quiet evening with the family? This room is just the perfect place!

Hollywood Hills Office

This small office right here is pretty comfortable. Who wouldn’t be inspired to work hard with all the plants outside?

Hollywood Hills Kitchen

The wide space of the kitchen and its clean interior will make you want to cook all of your favorite dishes right here!

Hollywood Hills Dining Room

And serve it here to your family and guests at this super clean and elegant dining room. That chandelier looks quiet unique!

Hollywood Hills Bedroom

Hollywood Hills Bedroom View

Take a look at one of the bedrooms of the estate. The open and airy setting gives it such a relaxing ambiance.

Hollywood Hills Bathroom

Taking full advantage of the skyline, this bathroom will surely tempt you to enjoy those super long luxurious bath!

Hollywood Hills Closet

Adjacent to one of the bathrooms is a walk-in closet.

Hollywood Hills Skyline View

And at night, relax, unwind and breath-in the this astonsihing view with a friend or just alone!

Don’t you just love to be rich and own a property similar or maybe more expensive than this? Well, who knows? Talk about living your dreams! Share this to your friends, They will love it.