The Esplanade House: A Striking Modern House You’ll Admire

If you are living in the suburbs you would love staying in this house! Popularly known as the Esplanade House, this amazing structure is all modern and provides both privacy and luxury. Added with the wonderful views that the area has, who wouldn’t love living here?

A truly remarkable masterpiece, the Finnis Architect has created a striking architecture in a narrow yet lengthy cigar-shaped site.

It has three levels with primary living spaces occupying areas that could either spill out externally or otherwise command unrivaled views. The design of the building is majorly focused on entertaining guests by which it contains multiple social areas.

Many would surely love to visit and explore the tranquility that the house offers! Wouldn’t you?

Esplanade House Plunge Pool

The house has a gym and a sauna located near the garage. Passing through the gym, space opens up to an open space complete with a spa and plunge pool. Such a great way to remind everyone to stay cool and fit, huh?

We love how the garden has wooden flooring near the pool. This is definitely a cool place to have some sunbathing and even some peaceful meditation!

Esplanade House Living Room

Wouldn’t you love to sit on this couch after a nice long dip in the pool? It’s made of leather and would feel cool on the skin.

Esplanade House Dining

The Dining and Kitchen Area are both located on the first floor of the house. The comfortable and warm materials of the interior provide a homey and clean ambiance.

Guests can lounge on this comfortable couch while waiting for the food to be ready.

We love the center table in the living area with its site and coffee color. The color of the room is nice and cool to the eyes.

The chandelier at the dining table looks elegant and lovely too.

Esplanade House Kitchen

Love cooking? This kitchen will be a great place to try those delicious recipes with its wide space and elegant design.

Its wide countertop is perfect to add some delicious meal ready to be served. The black accent of the chair and other small pieces of accessories around the room adds a fantastic touch to the interior of the Esplanade House.

Esplanade House Bedroom

The bathtub at this bedroom adds an interesting twist to this simple yet elegant room. A relaxing bath will be most welcomed after a busy day.

Esplanade House Front Facade

The front facade of the Esplanade house has large glass panels that reflect the light and compliments the beauty of the small garden.

Esplanade House Roof

The angular roof of the house is visually and environmentally applicable since the structure is using sustainable design features. Admirable, right?

We love how space is elegantly landscaped with various plants on the side and some wooden and concrete touch to the area.

The Esplanade House has been admired from all across the globe. Who would not love its elegant and striking design?