Extraordinary Design of the Veronica Beach House

Have you heard of the Veronica Beach House? Here’s a quick look at why it’s extraordinary!

A beach house will always make us think of a lovely home that sits near the beach. It would have a terrace where you can take a look at the ocean.

There would also be a pool where you can dip in whenever you want to. And of course, the air would be fresh and healthy. But this beach house we will show you is not an ordinary beach house that you will picture.

The Veronica Beach House in Lima, Peru has a distinct design using geometric lines. Its terrace has a unique look that forms triangles on the floor area.

While its pool is not the usual rectangular pool or oval ones. But it is placed along the ground level’s front area as if it was just an additional idea. It forms an arc that connects to one side of the house to the other.

But aside from the exterior, the interior is such a wonder!

Veronica Beach House

This modern beach house has a distinct design for its facade just like how the terrace looked like.

Longhi Architects

Viewed on this side, the front of the house boasts a pool that forms an arc. Its irregular shape is quite unique and very eye-catching!

Lima, Peru

The pool is indeed an interesting feature of the house. One would get a perfect view of the beach while here. And not just the beach but the skyline too!

Veronica Beach House

The deck has these curvaceous seats that look perfect with the shape of the pool.

You can really spend a great time here with your favorite people with that spacious couch!

Veronica Beach House

Inside the house is this round void that opens to the upper level. Looks quite unique, right?

Veronica Beach House

The round opening looks like a decorative ceiling made of concrete, but we know that it has been put there on purpose!

Veronica Beach House

Another amazing feature of the house is these stairs. Well, not exactly the stairs but the wall where the stairs are attached. Just great geometrical shapes!

Veronica Beach House

Because it has a huge mass of natural rock on the wall. We actually think that they carved inside the mountain and retained this area adding some concrete into the lower and upper part of it. Cool, huh?

This reminds me of the modern desert house we have featured before too!

Veronica Beach House

That rock extends to this hallway on the upper level. This is even more interesting than the pool!

Veronica Beach House

The bedroom is simple but with the glass walls in it, the views make the room nothing but awesome!

We love how minimal the interior is, where the owner can just focus on the view!

Veronica Beach House

Remember this round opening? It has an attached bench on the side and this railing on the other. We are sure you will agree with us that this is a nice spot to stay especially with the rock walls in the stair area.

This is one cool beach house designed by Longhi Architects.

It has so many interesting features from the pool to the rock wall and to that round opening. Whoever owns this house will always feel like they are on a vacation, every time!

We definitely want a house like this too!