Beautiful Houses in Peru: A Stroll Through Casa P12

Houses in Peru are beautiful and one-of-a-kind! Just like Casa P12. Let’s take look at this wonderful home!

Like most modern homes, this house has sleek lines and a neat appeal. But this is one has a unique design that left me wondering how it actually looks like not until I saw the cross-section and floor plans.

The house is like living above and below the ground. On all corners of it, you will be able to fit in visual cubes for it is designed like a large box with excavated areas. The result is indeed nothing but beautiful.

The Casa P12 is perched in Lima, Peru. And it isn’t just perched there ordinarily but it is perched with poise and beauty. At first glance, it will captivate your attention for it has some distinct feature in it that other homes may not have.

Casa P12

You may wonder what the area above is as it is covered with a wooden trellis. That is the terrace of the house as the designer calls it. Yes, an entire area for the terrace.

Martin Dulanto Arquitecto

Try to fit in some imaginary blocks into this house and you will be amazed how perfect each block really is.

Lima, Peru

If living in the open makes you uncomfortable, having a house like this will change the way you look at being “in the open.”

Casa P12

There is indeed something special with it and that is being connected to nature.

Casa P12

But apart from that special connection with nature, there is something more than what your eyes can see.

Casa P12

This open plan layout of a living and dining room is quite inviting. Imagine settling here for the day and just seeing that wonderful view!

The furniture is all in white, definitely not obtrusive to the views outside, rather it compliments it and makes space airier. Its chandelier at the dining area is sleek and white too and adds a nice touch to the ceiling.

The designer also added a bright painting near the living area, which adds a nice color to the room.

Casa P12

The sleek pieces of furniture are also inspired by cubes and a lovely pop of yellows. I love how sleek and shiny the table at the center is and how the designer added some shiny pieces of silver and gray accessories on the table.

Casa P12

This wooden staircase leads to the terrace. You can see glass railings, brick walls, yellow walls, and concrete walls in the area.

The open-ceiling in this spot allows natural light to enter the ground floor. Its glass railing is non-obtrusive and gives emphasis to the other aesthetics of the interior.

Casa P12

This kitchen block of wood and whites is also inviting. The white nook is sleek and blends well with the chairs, sink, and cabinet.

Its dark wooden panel is in contrast to the rest of the room but it serves as a separation of this room to the rest of the house.

Casa P12

This exposed concrete master bedroom with a minimal design is equally inviting too. The hanging television stand is accessorized minimally with small elegant items.

Most of the wall is bare except for the flat-screened television and the small wall painting on the side.

There is a portion of the wall that is in a glass too which allows natural light to get inside the room.

Casa P12

Among the rest of the rooms in the house, this completely took my breath away.

This serene terrace brings you to a different world away from home, away from the busy days of work and away from distraction. It is more than what other homes can offer- peace and relaxation.

This isn’t just a terrace with seating areas or a lounge area too. There is a pool on the far end to take relaxation to the next level.

Casa P12

Let us take a look at the house plan.

The cross section of the house shows us that there is a space below the ground. There are a total of 3 floors but only two is visible from the ground.

Casa P12

The ground floor is what we can see above with the living areas.

Casa P12

While this is the basement that we didn’t expect to be there.

Casa P12

And of course the terrace. The lovely terrace where you can sip a cold drink under the sun.

The house is indeed full of surprises from the terrace to the basement. Martin Dulanto Arquitecto did not just achieve their goal to create a house of blocks with a vacuum and a house that connects it to nature.

They have also created a home that doubles as a serene haven duplicating the feel of a summer getaway.

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Beautiful Houses in Peru: A Stroll Through Casa P12

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