Extraordinary Interior of the Home with a Tree Inside the House

A tree inside the house? Well, that’s something we all would like to see! Let’s check out this amazing home!

They say we need plants in our homes to keep those fresh oxygen coming. This home has indeed gotten a large plant and placed it on a gigantic suspended planter which hangs at about 3 feet high!

So much for a lot of oxygen!

This home in 631 Mansfield is about as refreshing and as comfortable as any other home. The design was created by Amit Apel Design. It features 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths, a great central skylight and not to mention the levitating tree at the center of the stairs space, right under the skylight.

Surreal, right? Wait until you see the rest of the house! You will appreciate it even more!

Mansfield House Exterior

On the outside, the structure is not imposing nor it is an eye-catcher but poses as an interesting dwelling place.

Comfy and modern. Yet, you can really see how the owners love their green!

Mansfield House Receiving Area

Inside the house is a different story. The open and spacious floor plan filled with abundant natural light from the many floor-to-ceiling openings and a great central skylight over a double-height space is simply marvelous and relaxing.

Mansfield House Living Room

The clean and comfortable ambiance of the interior’s white walls dotted with a little color on some of the furniture and appliances is noticeable.

This room looks quite spacious with its large open wall on one side. At this area, you wouldn’t believe there is a tree inside the house!

Mansfield House Kitchen

Here is a look of the kitchen space with another open wall facing the plants outside.

Mansfield House Kitchen Sink

Its kitchen takes the laboratory aesthetics to an extreme. You would surely love cooking here with the refreshing view of the trees and plants outside!

Everything looks white and modern!

Mansfield Tree Inside the House

Now, this is what makes this home different from the green loft we have featured before or even the house garden: the tree inside the house!

Mansfield House Plant: Tree Inside the House

One central element of the house is the large plant suspended at the most visible part of the room. The tree is visible from every corner of the room, giving a most interesting addition to the interior.

Mansfield House Pool

You can even see it from the garden and the pool at the back.

Now this space is modern and classy especially that black sitting area at the center. An afternoon spent here would definitely be lovely!

Mansfield House Pool Deck

You’d love to take a break and enjoy a dip in this pool on a weekend or after a stressful day, for sure! We know we would!

Mansfield House Stairs

The tree inside the house can also be seen on the second floor of the structure.

The glass walls on the staircase give you a relaxing view of the surrounding area once you climb the stairs. Imagine the view at night!

Mansfield House Bedroom1

All bedroom of the house is elegantly designed, each as relaxing as the last.

This, in particular, is also painted in the same color as the house, but with a nice touch of red to the room. The painting on both sides of the bed looks incredible.

We love how the room also has a large open glass door on the side.

Mansfield House Bedroom2

This room has some gorgeous views of the outside too (though with fewer plants). The room has a nice and open ambiance that you’ll surely enjoy spending time here too.

Mansfield House Bedroom3

This bedroom in particular, which is more spacious than the rest, offers a relaxing place to sleep and rest. It has an open glass wall too to make it more spacious and comfortable.

The elegant black of the furniture is a striking contrast from the white walls.

Mansfield House Bathroom

How about this space for a bathroom? As elegant as the rest of the house, right?

We love how modern and spacious this space is too!

Wouldn’t you love to stay at the Mansfield House even just for a day? The elegant interior of the house is truly inviting! And that tree inside the house makes it more interesting too!