Here Are 10 Structures Made From Bottles. #3 Is Pure Genius! WOW.

We are not kidding of course. If you collect lots and lots and lots of bottles, you will be able to build a beautiful home! You can choose to use glass bottle or plastic bottle. But whatever you use, you have converted yourself into an instant hero for doing something huge for the environment.

Everything started from that aim- to help save the environment or merely to get rid of tons of bottles that are just dumped on the corner. You might be surprised to see that these little bottles can actually turn into a house.

1. Casa Ecologica de Botellas Plasticas (a house made of plastic bottles) is a house in Argentina that is made entirely of plastic bottles from the house to the furniture!

Casa Ecologica de Botellas Plasticas

2. The Kaleva Bottle House in Northern Michigan has a rich history. It was built by John J. Makinen,Sr. in 1941 out of over 60,000 pop bottles that came from his own Northwestern Bottling Works.
Kaleva Bottle House

3. This split-level Courtyard house in Bandung, Indonesia occupies a site area of 373 square meters. Sixty percent of the house is made from bottle. Just look at how modern it looks!

Bandung, Indonesia Bottle House

4. Six-gabled House is just one of the three houses in the Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island which are all made from glass bottles. Even the insides are made from bottles too.

Six-gabled Bottle House

5. A House Made of Bottles in the Route 66 Ghost Town of Calico, California which was constructed with 5,000 bottles in the 1950’s.

House Made of Bottles

6. The Bottle House at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina is made entirely of glass bottles stacked with the bottom facing outward and set by mortar. Beautiful design!

Bottle House at Airlie Gardens

7. A group of monks in Thailand built The Temple of a Million Bottles in 1984. With their belief in Karma, they did their part for the local environment by using recycled bottles for their temple.

Temple of a Million Bottles

8. It is said that there are three bottle houses in Rhyolite but Tom Kelly’s Bottle House is the largest and was recently rehabilitated in 2005.

Tom Kelly's Bottle House

9. The Bottle House, a local icon in Ganja, Azerbaijan is made of glass bottles from the collection of the owners.

The Bottle House

10. Russian pensioner Olga Kostina decorated her house with 30,000 bottle caps forming colorful patterns and images. It is located in the Russian village of Kamarchaga, in the Siberian Taiga and is a sure head turner! Well, even the bottle’s cover can be useful!

30,000 bottle caps House

Ready to build your dream home? You can do that too. Well, you can start with a greenhouse or maybe your dog’s house if you want to. But that would be a good start. At least, if you engage in too much drinking sprees, you have an excuse- you need to drink to build a house.