Who Says You Can’t Live in a 129 Sq. M. Space? What An Architect Did to It is Amazing!

While most of us dream to get a spacious home, some would prefer to live in a home that has a small floor area. But this doesn’t mean that they could no longer get the comfort similar to that of a huge home. Because, it only takes creativity and a good designer to achieve the home of your dreams even if it is just 129 sq. m. in space. This would leave you thinking, how did they integrated everything in that small space?

I had the same question too. But when I saw what French architect Julie Nabucet did to it, I was impressed. She managed to turn the space into a comfy home utilizing every single space to maximize the area. It wasn’t easy to design a 12×12 meter space. No, it isn’t a closet. It is an apartment- a small apartment that functions as a full-sized apartment. Watch the video of this Parisian apartment:

Julie Nabucet

This is the entire apartment. But it has a living area that is also the bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Worry not, it has lots of storage spaces too.

Small Apartment

The kitchen is raised on top of a platform. A sink is connected to the kitchen covered with a wooden grate.


The main feature of the apartment is this wooden object in the middle of the apartment.

129 Sq. M. Apartment

It carries the kitchen appliances and separates the living area to the kitchen.

129 Sq. M. Apartment

But underneath it, one can also pull a bed. When pulled halfway it turns into a couch.

129 Sq. M. Apartment

Aside from a sleeping area and a couch, it also has storage spaces found on the steps.

129 Sq. M. Apartment

Everything is well arranged in the pad including the utensils.

129 Sq. M. Apartment

And this is the bathroom. Expect it to be miniscule. The toilet is inside the shower but can be separated with a curtain to keep the other half dry while showering. It has a floor drain in the middle too.

Actually, it is just the stacked wooden boxes in the center that has everything the apartment needs. Who would think that this is the only necessary thing that needs to be placed in a small area to make it fully functional? But I think, you couldn’t invite many friends here. It is even very small for two people. Find it interesting? Share this with your friends, they would surely be able to use this idea!