The Adult Treehouse You’d Love To Spend Hours In

A treehouse is often thought of for kids. But we know that us adults would like to have one made especially for us too. This adult treehouse will make your dreams come true!

I always wanted a treehouse when I was a kid. It is just fun to climb a tree and end up on an abode where you can feel that you are free and you can do anything you want.

Imagine having a secret treehouse all to yourself!

It is indeed a cool idea to be able to view the world below you similar to how a bird can see it. I have seen many interesting tree designs but this one seems to be a perfect place to play dolls and have a tea party.

Unfortunately, however, this isn’t for kids.

But why??? Because it is a microbrewery.

This Treehouse Brewing Company is located in Mohican State Park in the town of Loudonville in Ohio.

This red barn-style treehouse is 200 square foot built by a small Amish building crew, Nelson Treehouse and Supply.

Nelson Treehouse

At first glance, you will feel excited to go up on the teahouse 22 feet above the ground. It is indeed a perfect spot for taking pictures.


Especially that it has a barn-style exterior. Walking towards it through a 30 feet bridge will make you feel like a child again.

Nicolas Laisné Associés and OXO Architects

But you would certainly be ashamed of yourself because the treehouse isn’t intended for fun or leisure. It is a business.

Tree House Brewery

And by business, we mean it is actually a company. That is why it is important that you read the signs.

Adult Treehouse

The interior also has that barn feel with vaulted ceilings.

Tree House Brewery

Currently, it can be rented for an overnight stay. So adults can definitely stay here if they want to!

Tree House Brewery

But you can also merely drop by for a drink at this adult treehouse. Its bar has barrels as stands.

Tree House Brewery

And it has this lovely Gothic windows with colorful glass.

Tree House Brewery

There are different seating areas where guests can sit and take a drink.

Tree House Brewery

Unless you see this, you will not believe that beer is actually made here.

Tree House Brewery

The adult treehouse brewery may just be the beginning of the owner’s dreams for a bigger company in the future.

Now that you know that it isn’t a playground for kids, make sure that you won’t bring them when getting here.

For adults, you’ll certainly have a great time in the treehouse. Don’t forget to bring your friends and your camera! Feel free to share this to your friends who might want to get a drink or two while in here.