This Tree House Is More Than Just a Fantastic Escape. It is A Modern Getaway!

It is every child’s dream to have a tree house but aside from the usual vintage like design of a tree house, it can have a modern design too. Yes, you really don’t have to stick with the common look with a hip roof and all. It can even take different shapes! A tree house is always considered a private getaway for kids, teens and even for adults. But what we will feature today is more than just that. It isn’t just a lovely place to unwind and relax but it has a design that will double your comfort and relaxation.

This modern take of a tree house became a perfect getaway for a family in Germany. It is designed and created by Baumraum which specializes in building homes for both children and adults. The modern minimalist tree house features an attractive egg-shaped silhouette that have two oval windows on the ends. Its glossy white facade is eye-catching with a combination of wood and zinc metal for the exterior.


This tree house stands on four steel rods that is buried on the ground.


With trees around it, it could really give be a relaxing and fun place to stay in.

Tree House

Two ship ladders can be used to access it which are separated by upper and lower wooden decks.

Modern Tree House

It sits 18 feet high from the ground. It sure is high enough that you’ll seemingly reach your dreams or maybe be given that chance to dream high!

Modern Tree House

The trees are piercing the terraces and bearing their weight making it sturdier. It gives the feeling of being embraced by the branches.

Modern Tree House

The interior isn’t just inviting but is cozy and modern. Once you are inside, you might forget that you are actually in a tree house.

Modern Tree House

Sleeping benches are covered with gray felt on medium colored wood planks.

Modern Tree House

There are also windows that provide unobstructed views to its beautiful surroundings.

I won’t blame you if you are feeling envious of this tree house because we are too. Just imagine, the usual childhood staple was turned into a beautiful modern getaway! What Baumraum did to this tree house is really impressive. If you find this design beautiful, share this post to your friends and tell them what you like best about this modern tree house!