The Eyrie: The Doorless Cabin in Kaipara Harbour

Have you heard of the Eyrie? Well, let us take a look at how unique this cabin is!

Once upon a time, there were twin houses near Kaiawak on the Kaipara Harbour. They stand with pride despite their simple design.

And they don’t have doors.

Yes, the twin cabins don’t have doors, just windows. One climbs up boulders and would go through the window.

We were curious about this house too because we have never heard of a doorless house before. But when we saw these humble pair, we realized that it is possible to have a doorless home.

Designed by Nat Cheshire of Cheshire Architects, the house is called Eyrie. When we said they were humble structures, we really meant it because the pair looks simple but it received recognitions.

It was even named a winner of HOME magazine’s 2014 New Zealand Home of the Year award. Take a look at the video for a short tour of the house and the images that follow it.

Chris Kooluris

Two 29 square meter cabins stand on this lovely spot.

Nat Cheshire

When you look at it, they look like ordinary boxes perched on a hill.


But it is actually a dwelling. A cabin with no doors.

Doorless Cabin

You can see the inside of the house without any barriers. Just look at it. The owners won’t bother.

Eyrie Cabins

Instead of doors, it has large windows around it. The interior used wood too just like this dining area.

Eyrie Cabins

Its interior design is simple but beautiful and cozy.

Eyrie Cabins

Another large window is seen in the kitchen that has black walls.

Eyrie Cabins

We like how the wood was retained without any finish. It seems to go with nature.

Eyrie Cabins

The two houses are barely larger than four sheets of wood.

Eyrie Cabins

The outsides of the house are burnt black. When the lights are on inside, it looks very beautiful. And mysterious too!

Eyrie Cabins

The house was treated like prisms and small boats that sit on the grasses instead of the ocean.

We know you might worry about burglars because we are thinking of it too. But we are guessing the place is kind of safe from any of these bad people.

We sincerely do hope the place remains safe from them. For sure, Nat Cheshire of Cheshire Architects have considered this.

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