30 Amazing Ways to Reinvent Your Old Kitchen Items

Do you have old kitchen items at home that you think are no longer of use? Well, these ideas will change your mind!

There are times when some things in the house are no longer used. It is because they are damaged or rusty or are no longer functional or you have new ones to replace them.

But did you know that you can still use all your old stuff?

For instance, in the kitchen, you can turn old spoons into hooks instead of throwing them away. And yes, you can make so many things from old kitchen items and that is what we are going to share with you today.

Old kitchen items may include pans, cups and many others. But you can’t just stick to their functions.

You can actually turn them into something even more useful and practical. Doing this will help you save money.

It would also be fun to create these especially if you do it with a friend or a family member. Here are some ideas for re-purposing kitchen items:

1. Spoon Handles

Guess you have seen this before. Bend Spoon Handles and install it on the wall. Pretty awesome!

It’s rather classy too and would look best with a traditionally designed kitchen!

Spoon Handles

2. Jelly and Cake Mold Lighting

We think you will find this one cute. A Jelly and Cake Mold Lighting for the home! Great for industrial-themed rooms.

Jelly and Cake Mold Lighting

3. Fork Easel

Want something to hold your photo frames? Easy. Use a Recycled antique monogrammed silver-plated Fork Easel like this.

Cute huh? And reminds us of the spoons in the Beauty and the Beast movie!

Fork Easel

4. Muffin Tins

Muffin Tins aren’t just for the oven but they can also be cute jewelry organizers too! These old kitchen items can now keep your valuables too.

Muffin Tins

5. Spoon Egg Holder

Want to place your eggs in your table? Make this simple and pretty Spoon Egg Holder! Now that’s a great idea for a dinner set-up!

Old Kitchen Items: Spoon Egg Holder


6. Colander Pendant Lamp

If you are not using your colander, then make a Colander Pendant Lamp! Your kitchen will never be boring for sure!

Colander Pendant Lamp

7. Kitchen Items Repurposed Chandelier

This Kitchen Items Repurposed Chandelier is so very cute with all the beads in it! You can even have your kids decorate it for you!

Kitchen Items Repurposed Chandelier

8. Cake Pan Planters

These Cake Pan Planters look really great especially when painted in different colors. Such a lovely hanging plant idea!

Cake Pan Planters

9. >Dessert Pan Clock

You can also turn your pans into a sweet Dessert Pan Clock! Cool clock design!

Dessert Pan Clock

10. Cutting boards as organizers

It would look very creative to use cutting boards as organizers as if it was a clipboard! It would be a great place to pin reminders and stuff!

cutting boards as organizers

11. Pedestal stand

Add some interesting appeal to your buffet table with a pedestal stand using plates and tin cans!

pedestal plate tin cans

12. Recycled graters lamp

Got some old graters? Make a recycled graters lamp by hanging them from wood and of course, add some lights! The lights give off a romantic feeling!

recycled graters lamp

13. Funnel candlestick holders

We like the vintage appeal of these funnel candlestick holders. Lovely, right?

funnel candlestick holders

14. Flatwear chandelier

You can express your creativity with this Flatwear chandelier made from forks, spoons, ladles, and others. Absolutely cool!

Flatwear chandelier

15. Rolling pin hook

Make use of old rolling pins in the house. Simply measure and cut the rolling pins all the same size and attach them to a piece of wood. Now you have your own rolling pin hook!

rolling pin hook

16. Whisk candle holder

We find this whisk candle holder very cute! We know you do too! It looks lovely and safe too!

whisk candle holder

17. Colander wall lights

So adorable! Add some life to your walls with this colander wall lights! Talk about setting the mood in the room!

colander wall lights

18. Wooden spoons

Your wooden spoons would also look very pretty as a towel rack! Never really thought it possible but it looks great!

wooden spoons

19. Tea cup jewelry storage

Gather some pretty cups that are no longer used in the kitchen and make your own tea cup jewelry storage. So dainty!

tea cup jewelry storage

20. Kettle planter

Instead of throwing old kettles, make use of them in the garden as a kettle planter. Great for the backyard set-up!

kettle planter

21. Vintage plate tiered dessert stand

Make your own vintage plate tiered dessert stand! It is so easy to create! Imagine serving cakes on tea time!

vintage plate tiered dessert stand

22. Bird feeder plate

Love birds? There are different ways to make a bird feeder and one is to make use of a plate so you can have a bird feeder plate.

bird feeder plate

23. Sunburst mirror

Decorate your kitchen with this pretty sunburst mirror made from kitchen utensils. Definitely eye-catching and doesn’t look recycled at all!

sunburst mirror

24. Rolling pin

Use an old rolling pin as a towel rack for a gorgeous vintage touch. This is definitely another old kitchen items that can now be used!

rolling pin

25. Earrings organizer

Get an old cheese grater and paint it. Then use it as an earrings organizer! No excuse to leave them anywhere now.

earrings organizer

26. Kitchen Wall Clock with knife and fork hands

Create a Kitchen Wall Clock with knife & fork hands! This looks very nice. Guess the hard part will be in drilling holes for the clock arms.

Kitchen Wall Clock with knife & fork hands

27. Colander Flower Pot

You can also make a Colander Flower Pot if you no longer use the ones you own. Such a great way to use old kitchen items.

Colander Flower Pot

28. Cake pan wall frames

Add interesting wall decors with cake pans. You can either leave the metal as is or spray paint them in different colors. This cake pan wall frames looks really creative!

cake pan wall frames

29. Lamp shades

Cut old big bottles and turn them intolamps shades! A nice way to repurpose glass bottles!

lamps shades crafted from repurposed glass that

30. Teacup lights

This one looks extremely cute and creative! It will give some Alice in the Wonderland feel in your home with teacup lights!

teacup lights

So, after seeing this list, you will surely keep your unused and old kitchen items so you can turn them into something else with a different function!

It would surely be fun making all these and also, it would be exciting to be able to create something new from old items.

Which of the above items would you like to try making?

Share this with your friends so they can create some re-purposed kitchen stuff too!