This is How it’s Like to Have Home With Secret Rooms and Passages

Would you love to have your own secret rooms and passages at home? We sure do! Here are some cool ideas for you!

We have seen it in the movies many times.

Walls that open, bookcases that are actually doors, secret passages under the floor and many others.

Pretty interesting, right?

Do you want your home to have something like this? Well, some folks do. And it is very cool and intriguing.

You will surely feel like you are some special undercover agent like James Bond if your house has these secret rooms and passages!

In the movies, the secret rooms would be storage for guns or some important files. But in real homes, it could be a bathroom, bedroom, office, wine cellar, playroom, and others.

As a geeky person, we also used to dream of having a room like this. Or to have a hidden Laboratory where we can create robots, have minions and do whatever we want.

Well, it is really different in real life because it would be more practical and functional for the needs of the family.

But if you have the resources and ideas then WHY NOT!

We are sure you will be pleased after seeing this list and you might even be inspired to have a bookcase door that leads to a secret room in your own house!

1. Ed Skoudis’s home office

This Gothic bookcase is already cool with that knight armor on the side. But it will even be cooler once you realize that this is Ed Skoudis’s home office.

Ed Skoudis’s home office

2. Nick Mehl Architecture

When you open this door that is camouflaged as a shelf, you will see a storage space! Nice idea from Nick Mehl Architecture!

IAC Blues

3. Hillside Retreat Secret Rooms

Behind the bookcase door is a playroom in this Hillside Retreat. You really won’t suspect that there is a secret room behind the bookcase.

Hillside Retreat

4. Hidden bathroom

Isn’t that arc bookcase lovely? It would look even lovelier when you push it to open towards a hidden bathroom!

hidden bathroom

5. Secret wine cellar

If you think this is just a wine display, you are wrong. This actually opens open to reveal a secret rooms: wine cellar. Isn’t that amazing?

secret wine cellar

6. Hidden reading nook

I’d love to have my own hidden reading nook especially if it is as comfy as this one!

hidden reading nook

7. Secret lounge area

A home full of books would be fantastic! But having a secret lounge area is even more fantastic!

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center

8. Hidden staircase passage towards another room

Just push a button on the remote and the staircase will go up to reveal a hidden staircase passage towards another room. How cool could that be?

The Piano House

9. Rainbow House with Secret Rooms

It isn’t just a hole in the floor. But it is a hole that leads to awesomeness as you can slide down towards a happy place in the Rainbow House.

Rainbow House

10. Narnia inspired passage

If you have watched Narnia, you will be amazed to see this Narnia inspired passage that leads to a playroom!

Narnia inspired passage

11. Hidden personal office space

You know what this is? Well, it is just a personal office space with a hidden personal office space. How’s that?

hidden personal office space


Another bookcase design that hides a room in this Dwell on Despard home.

Dwell on Despard

13. Lower Level Secret Bat

This Lower Level Secret Bath is just an amazing way to have some privacy in the bathroom!

Lower Level Secret Bath

14. Hidden playhouse

Any kid who has a hidden playhouse like this would be very very happy!

hidden playhouse

15. Secret guest bedroom

You can give your guests a private space with this secret guest bedroom behind a bookcase!

secret rooms: guest bedroom


A gorgeous contemporary living room, isn’t it? The bathroom is hidden from site. I’m sure your visitors will find it hard to look for the bathroom!

bathroom is hidden

17. Hidden wine cellar

Another wise way to conceal a space is by using a huge painting A hidden wine cellar is tucked under the staircase of a home library.

hidden wine cellar


A bedroom in this home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado will always remain private for sure!

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

19. Hidden pub and game room

Want to take a break from work? Have a good time in this hidden pub and game room!

hidden pub and game room

20. Hidden sunny reading room

You can have some time alone with your books in this hidden sunny reading room!

hidden sunny reading room

21. Mirror is a secret entrance

This mirror is a secret entrance towards a chamber and no one will ever expect that!

mirror is a secret entrance

22. Geometry Home

A bookshelf in the family lounge of the Geometry Home hides a secret door leading to another bedroom and bath.

Geometry Home

23. Another door to a room<

If you think this is a dead-end, you are wrong because this is actually another door to a room in this house.

another door to a room

24. Secret door hidden behind a wall panel

This modern home is indeed lovely but having a secret door hidden behind a wall panel is genius.

Erwin Wurm: House Attack


Do you have some guns to keep from kids and other people? Then use an ornate bookcase door to conceal your room for gun storage.

bookcase door

26. Staircase

The lower level of this house can be accessed through a staircase. It would be perfect to say that the downstairs is hidden behind the upstairs.


27. Secret door

Under the stairs is a secret door that opens to a closet.

secret door

28. Spiral wine cella

While standing on the floor, you wouldn’t expect that a spiral wine cellar can be seen under it.

spiral wine cellar

29. Shelves that open

Aside from the glass doors, there is another passage for this game room using the shelves that open to other areas of the house.

the shelves that opens secret rooms

30. wall can be pushed back to reveal a secret space

Just like what you see in movies, this wall can be pushed back to reveal secret rooms.

wall can be pushed back to reveal a secret space

Definitely interesting indeed! Imagine how you would feel when you push a door to reveal a room.

It would be amazing.

And imagine how your guests will feel when they accidentally lean on the wall and suddenly opens to that secret room. Lol!

Do you know that there is another way to have some “secret” spaces in the house? You can also create a hidden storage space in different areas of your home so you can keep valuables and other stuff.

We are sure you found these secret rooms interesting. Your friends will love this too. Why don’t you share it with them?