These 20 Extremely Weird Chair Designs Will Make You Think Twice of Sitting On It.

Chairs are important. We use them every day for everything we do from eating to taking a rest. Some may not be that particular with the design of the chairs they are sitting on but others are. That is why chairs come in so many designs. Well, whatever they look like, they are still chairs. Yet, it is important that a chair is comfortable.

When we speak of design, there are chairs with very strange designs. From an octopus chair to a nest chair, you will be amazed that aside from your ordinary chair, there are really out of this world chairs like the ones you will see below.

1. You will never think that this is a chair for in one angle it looks like a horse while on a different angle, it may appear like a lobster caught up in weeds. But this is a chair named Beautiful Mess designed by Alejandro Cerón.

Beautiful Mess

2. Be like Thumbelina as you sit on this beautiful Bloom Chair that looks like a blooming flower.
Bloom Chair

3. Sophie De Vocht designed the Loops Chair which is a combination of a chair and a carpet.
Loops Chair

4. I’m not sure if you will like to sit on this Octopus Chair ‘coz it looks like it’s going to wrap its tentacles on you anytime!
Octopus Chair

5. One will feel like falling from this Cut Chair! But it is actually just an optical illusion from Peter Bristol’s design.
House Made of Bottles

6. The back of this chair is a five meter ladder. The Empty Chair refers to Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo who wasn’t able to accept his award in person since he was imprisoned.
The Empty Chair

7. This Selfportrait Chair is designed by an introvert student Ka-Lai Chan who couldn’t express her emotions because her peers ridicule her. The odd blobs on the chair represent those emotions.
Selfportrait Chair

8. The Atar Chairs are designed by students Christian Andrés Parra Sánchez,and Juliana Andrea Mosquera creating a fantasy of optical excellent proportions with natural and industrial appeal.
The Atar Chairs

9. The Burst Chair by Oliver Tilbury appears like bursting with pines as a stand.
Burst Chair

10. You’d feel like dancing once you see this Dance Chair but you will dance while sitting!
Dance Chair

11. If you want to feel like a bird or an chicken while sitting on your chair, then this Tak Sofa will no doubt give you that strange feeling.
Tak Sofa

12. Allen Jones designed this chair made from acrylic on glass fiber and resin with perspex and leather. This is just called as the Chair 1969.
Chair 1969

13. The Tunnel Chair is made from bending metal tubes with wrapping elastic bands closed with a Velcro.
Tunnel Chair

14. Looks like this chair is designed for Dexter’s Laboratory. This Walk – Don’t Walk Chair has galvanized, heavy-duty feet. The Walk-Don’t Walk sign works with the use of a remote control.
Walk – Don’t Walk Chair

15. Sit like a bird or sit on a bird with this Birdy Chair. This is super cute!
Birdy Chair

16. Would you sit on a Prickly Chair? Well, if it’s pink and stylish like this, you might!
Birdy Chair

17. Restaurants and cafes will look great with a Coffee Chair. This chair took the silhouette of a coffee mug with a handle good for hanging stuffs.
Coffee Chair

18. Create your own style with the TubeMe Chair from its tube pillows which can also be made as upholster for sleeping.
TubeMe Chair

19. Obviously, the Nest Chair is inspired by a bird’s nest. This one looks better than the other nest chair in the list.
Nest Chair

20. Made from inverted willow tree, this Upside Down Chair has entwining mass of twigs to support it.
Upside Down Chair

Some of the chairs in the list are beautiful aside from being weird. If you add these to your space, you will surely get a lovely interior with some odd touch to it. Have you chosen a chair that will fit your style and taste?