Certainly, These Aren’t JUST Ordinary Aquariums. #7 Is Pretty Smart and Awesome!

I used to have my own aquarium but then I lost it one day to a crocodile. Just kidding. I can’t remember what happened to it. Let us just put it that way. An aquarium is like a television with a live show of fishes. I’m sure we all enjoy watching the fishes play in their own home. But what if an aquarium can do more than contain water and fishes? That would be awesome!

An aquarium can actually be designed in different ways aside from the usual bowl or rectangular ones. Aside from that, it can also be a table, a sink, a toilet or even a clock! But don’t worry, the fishes are always safe whatever the design and functions of these aquariums are.

1. Would you sleep with the fishes in this Aquarium Bed? I bet you will! It is like you will be sleeping under the sea!

Aquarium Bed

2. Aside from telling time, this Floor Clock Aquarium can also be a decor and a home for the fishes in your very own house.

Floor Clock Aquarium

3. Worry not. The fishes will not be flushed in this Fish ‘N Flush Toilet Aquarium because it is consists of two separate reservoirs- one holds water for the fish and the other supplies the toilet.

Fish 'N Flush Toilet Aquarium

4. Dishwashing will never be boring Aquarium Sink for you can watch the fishes while washing. Fun, right? But I’m afraid you’d be spending more time dishwashing now.

Aquarium Sink

5. This Table Aquarium will surely be an eye-candy in your living room. Now that is space saving. Instead of putting an aquarium on top of a table, the table is the aquarium!

Table Aquarium

6. If you already have the table aquarium, then adding this Aquarium Sofa will complete your fish or aquarium themed room!.

Aquarium Sofa

7. Poor Little Fish Basin will make you think of saving water! When used, the water level goes down but it actually doesn’t drain out. Once the water stops running, the water will go back to its original level. There is a separate pipeline for the bowl and the faucet.

Poor Little Fish Basin

8. This bathtub is made from tempered glass and wood replicating the feel of nature. The Moody Acquario Bath Tub is certainly one item that will change the aura of your bathroom!

Moody Acquario Bath Tub

9. It would be cute to have a mini-fish tank with running water that re-circulates in it. This USB Desktop Aquarium is powered by a USB connector, has an LCD Alarm clock, dual compartment desk organizer and color changing LED interior lights.

USB Desktop Aquarium

10. Constance Guisset designed the Duplex Aquarium / Bird Cage that is perfect for both bird and fish lovers. Now, you can place both in one spot!

Duplex Aquarium / Bird Cage

11. You will be amazed with this Fireplace Aquarium from Seavisions. It is huge and will surely make a stunning water and fire combo!

Fireplace Aquarium from Seavisions

12. Plano Acquario Shower could be a good addition to the bathroom. Pair that with the toilet, sink and bath tub with aquariums too!

Swarovski-studded Toaster

13. Got an old TV that is no longer functioning? Turn it into an Old TV Fish Tank and watch your fishes grow!

Old TV Fish Tank

14. One Pot, Two Lives can contain a plant and a fish. The fishes turn their eaten bait remnants into nutrients for the plant, while the water fed to the plant is filtered as it passes through and becomes clean for the fish. Great mutual relationship in one pot!

One Pot, Two Lives

15. You can dine with the fishes without eating them on this Aquarium Dining Table. It has pump, lights, basic filter system and is 25 Gallon in size. Not bad!

Aquarium Dining Table

Neat, right? I actually think the idea of having an aquarium-furniture/accessory fusion is amazing because you can get two great things in one. The designs are just awesome. Come to think of it, you can actually create a house that is aquarium themed but you have to make sure you can maintain all of them! Oh my, that would be a lot of work! Guess you changed your mind and bought a fish bowl instead.

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