Working In An Office Under The Sky Would Be Awesome. I’d Never Be Absent.

It is always the expectation of everyone that an office is formal minus all the fun that one can see in other spaces. But that isn’t the case all the time. If you have seen the office of Google, you will be amazed of its interior and how it incorporated fun and work in one. We will show you an office that has a similar lively appeal through the colors it used for the interior.

The NTI head office in Leiden, Holland designed by Liong Lie Architects combined flexible working and learning to the brand of NTI. They aimed to achieve maximum effect with limited means by using ready-made elements. The colorful corporate identity of NTI are seen in the interior. But what really amazed us is the use of open landscapes in the atmosphere and how they made the interior appear like an outdoor scene.

Liong Lie Architects

The call center area has 60 workspaces and all of the cubicles have fun colors in them!

Smallest House

Meanwhile, the office has 95 workspaces with the same colors as the cubicles for the call center.

Leiden, Holland

A total of 500 sq. m. are allocated for 7 classrooms where online learning and classroom meetings are held.

NTI Head Office

We know you have noticed that the carpet has different colors in each area.

NTI Head Office

But what is even more eye-catching is the ceiling with a cloud and sky print on it!

NTI Head Office

It even looks like a horizon when you look from afar towards the end of the hall! How lovely!

NTI Head Office

We really like the sky on the ceiling as it enhances the aura of the interior. I’d certainly feel like working outdoors if this is the setup of my office.

NTI Head Office

You can also work alone in a one person focus rooms like this.

NTI Head Office

Or lounge in this area with a beautiful mural of an autumn scene in the woods.

NTI Head Office

Lounge areas in the office have large murals featuring landscape scenes. Wherever you sit, you will feel very close to nature!

So, if you think an office is a formal and boring place, you are very wrong because it can look fun and cozy like this. It can even look like an outdoor scene too! Don’t you want to work in an office like this? I’d love to!