Seems Like Normal Inside. Not Until I saw the #8 Photo… AMAZING!

Who would’ve thought that a honeycomb-inspired facade will look futuristic on a building exterior? I sure didn’t! SuperLimao Studio thought otherwise and had designed a practical yet amazing exterior! Looking at the design for the new store of Estar Moveis, made me want to go and touch its wall and make sure it is real! Amazingly unique, do you agree?

Built for a furniture design company in Sao Paolo, the structure is a symbol of the company’s move to adapt present-day trends. SuperLimao Studio, had indeed created a superb work with the geometric, edgy and very modern design. The concept itself is bold and crazy! Wait until you see it!

Estar Moveis Exterior

Estar Moveis Top

The hexagonal panels are arranged artistically to create an interesting and eye-catching exterior. I mean, who would ignore its opaque and semi-translucent hexagons?

Estar Moveis Walls

The panels play on material and translucency that exposes certain areas of the store. This allows the displays of the store to be exposed from the outside and at the same time manipulates the amount of light that penetrates the store during the day. This design alone will surely tempt anyone to peek at the displays.

Estar Moveis Interior

Its interior has an interesting blend of raw and contemporary elements. Giving off a comfortable feeling. Who wouldn’t love visiting the relaxing ambiance that the store offer?

Estar Moveis Ceiling

The concrete beams, girders and columns are left exposed to allow flexibility of the constant shifting store front. Focusing more on the products that it houses, the interior is simplified to highlight the displays inside the store.

Estar Moveis Stairs

One cannot fail to notice the rough texture and design of the stairs. Makes you wonder if there are indeed live bees inside, right?

Estar Moveis Lounge

Wouldn’t you love to sit right on this sofa and just admire everything inside the store?

Estar Moveis Front

With this unique building of the Estar Moveis, shopping will definitely be a more interesting experience for buyers out there who are looking for furniture to grace their own homes. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending the day in a equally unique structure?