Dream Villas Around the World You’d Love to Stay In

Have you ever thought of having your very own dream villa? Well, if owning a property is not really your thing, then perhaps creating a bucket list of visiting gorgeous villas around the world is!

We know you want to explore every single beach and dip into every single pool in your area or even around the world. We want to do that too.

But if you have decided to go places, look for a villa that you can rent to make your vacation even more memorable and comfortable.

We have gathered some dream villas that have gorgeous designs. Most of them are beach houses but some are not.

What is common in all these lovey villas is the pool area that will make you book a stay in these places or in places similar to these. Imagine the sunset while you are in these dream villas!

Now, that would be totally romantic!

1. Oceanfront Dream Villa

This 4,843 square feet Oceanfront Villa in Phuket, Thailand has a breathtaking view of the ocean and a garden.

Oceanfront Villa

This dream villa looks quite romantic may it be in the morning or at night!

2. Villa Rak Tawan

Vibrant greens and blues surround the Villa Rak Tawan located at the Surin Beach, on the island of Phuket, Thailand

Villa Rak Tawan

The villa’s interior looks so unique!

3. Villa Chan Grajang

The interior of Villa Chan Grajang is full of character and will make you wish your home is as serene as this. It is located inside Ayara, a gated community on the island of Phuket, in Thailand.

Dream Villa Chan Grajang

Those cushions look very inviting… Just imagine staying here all day!

4. Resort Villa

Sleek luxury and warm elegance exude from this Resort Villa located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Resort Dream Villa

That lounge chair at the center of the pool looks amazing!

5. Villa Sow House

If you have a contemporary house like the Villa Sow House in Dakar, Senegal, you definitely wouldn’t ask for more! This house is another masterpiece from SAOTA Architects.

Villa Sow House


We love how modern and elegant this dream villa is!

6. Luxurious Cala Marmacen Villa

Overlooking the vicinity of Cala Marmacen in Port D’Andratx, Mallorca Spain is this Luxurious Cala Marmacen Villa that combines aesthetically groundbreaking architecture within in its natural surroundings.

Luxurious Cala Marmacen Villa

The white exterior of this dream villa makes it more spacious and airy.

7. Azul Villa Esmeralda

Azul Villa Esmeralda in Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya, Mexico is a stunning luxury retreat that has a spectacular pool with access to the beach.

Azul Villa Esmeralda

We love how tropical the villa is especially those small huts beside the pool.

8. Celadon Villa

This Celadon Villa is located on the island of Koh Samui, off the coast of Kra Isthmus, in Thailand. Guests could get a luxurious relaxation around natural surroundings.

Celadon Villa

The villa is designed with open walls, allowing the natural air from the ocean gets inside.

9. Casa Prima Villa

Casa Prima Villa is located on the hillside of Corossol, St. Barts. It integrated a minimalist architectural style with exotic wood materials.

Casa Prima Villa

The shade from the coconut tree allows guests a chance to enjoy the outdoors even when it is hot!

10. Casa Tortugas

Located near Punta Mita on the Riviera Nayarit is Casa Tortugas that boasts a covered terrace with comfortable lounges making it the perfect hideaway.

Casa Tortugas

We love how spacious the garden is. Would be perfect for families too!

11. Villa Beyond

Combined luxury and elegance is reflected in Villa Beyond that overlooks the waters of the Andaman Sea and the green vistas of Bang Tao in Phuket, Thailand.

Villa Beyond

The mountainside view looks very refreshing!

12. Seminyak Villa 102

In the heart of Bali, Indonesia is this comfortable and stylish Seminyak Villa 102. This four-bedroom villa is just a few steps to the beach.

Seminyak Villa 102

13. Villa Michaela

Outstanding facilities and a picturesque setting of Villa Michaela make it a perfect modern holiday retreat.

Villa Michaela

We love how open and spacious this room looks.

14. Malimbu Cliff Villa

Malimbu Cliff Villa is located on Indonesia’s Lombok Island. It has a modern design and a breathtaking outdoor scene while indoors, one can get a different level of relaxation.

Malimbu Cliff Villa

We love how the designer has placed plants along the walls.

15. Alila Villas Uluwatu

A 14.4 hectare, three-bedroom contemporary villa in Bali, Indonesia is this Alila Villas Uluwatu that combines traditional Hindu-style and contemporary design.

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Whoever you spend time within dream villas like these, we are sure that you will have the time of your life!

So… What do you think? Are these dreamy enough for you?