The Modern and Brilliant Interior of the Spring Learning Center Hong Kong

Who can say that they’ve been at a learning centre with an amazing interior? Well, once you take a look around this learning center Hong Kong, you’ll definitely change your mind on how it should look like!

When you think of a learning center, you will immediately picture a fairytale themed space or a space filled with a rainbow of colors. Famous cartoon characters would be painted on walls and there will be plenty of areas for playing, reading and learning.

The SPRING Learning Center Hong Kong, however, is no ordinary center for kids. It has a modern design but still retained the fun and childish touch in it.

This learning center in Wanchai, Hongkong is definitely one of a kind. It is designed based from a child’s viewpoint, and concentrated on the learning experience the kids will get as a whole.

It aims to “formulate a space that caters to children’s both physical and psychological needs, and ultimately help them achieve their development and learning potential”. It also made sure that not only the kids could enjoy their stay in the area but the adults as well.

Have you seen a learning center like that? Well, this one is definitely brilliant. Wait ’til you see the images below of this learning center Hong Kong.

Spring Learning Center

A modern tree house with a sleek design is perched inside the learning center to fulfill every child’s wildest dream. Just imagine the look on their face when they see this!

Joey Ho Design

Around that tree house are tables and chairs where the kids can do different activities at the same time. It is like being outdoors, but not really.

Wanchai, Hongkong

A tree house is already an adorable sight for kids but adding a slide to it makes it even more lovable.

Spring Learning Center

And here is another play area at the learning center Hong Kong where one can both learn and play.

Spring Learning Center

On the sides are hillock shaped hubs where the kids can surf the internet or read. Totally hi-tech, right?

The space looks very comfortable indeed and one would surely love surfing through the net here.

Spring Learning Center

Instead of a rainbow colored learning center, this learning center Hong Kong opted to use a neutral palette of white, light green, pastel blue and wood.

The color combination looks sleek and classy and futuristic too. Imagine how inspired the students will be!

Spring Learning Center

The learning center is not boring at all despite the use of neutral colors. We even think that the lesser colors around, the more the kids could concentrate on learning.

Spring Learning Center

The kitchen will allow the kids to play like a real chef especially that everything is stainless just like a real chef’s kitchen!

Spring Learning Center Hong Kong

And this is the reception counter with a staircase that allows the kids to climb into it. Certainly not the regular reception counter you’d expect!

The logo is attached on the ceiling with the letter “n” dropped that means infinity in mathematics. It manifests that kids can unleash their infinite creativity in the learning center.

Spring Learning Center

Another thing that makes this special is its aim to aid interaction between the kids, parents and educators. It provides furniture and facilities for both adults and kids.

Spring Learning Center Hong Kong

The multipurpose stadium is not just designed for basketball but it can also be used for seminars and other events. The basketball court lines is engraved onto the ceiling as LED lighting producing an illusionary and interesting effect. Quite futuristic!

Spring Learning Center

And this is the bathroom. You will surely notice the round structure in the center. That is a dual height washbasin where both adults and kids can use because of its giant fountain form.

Who says fun and modern design cannot be combined? This learning center in Hong Kong proved that even if we do away with the fairytale clichés, a space can still aid for learning and playing.

Joey Ho Design seems to know what is best for our kids. This learning center in Hong Kong is really one place where we’d send our kids to!

If your kid will look for Mickey or for the Disney Princess while in the SPRING Learning Center in Hong Kong, bring her to one of the hillocks and show her just that from the computer because you can’t find them painted on the walls.