Going Creative at the Shifted House in Russia

Upside down museums are quite a novelty these days that people flock to it like glue! That said, this Shifted House in Russia will definitely entertain you!

An upside-down house sounds crazy. Yah. It sure does. It also looks crazy. And feels totally crazy once you are inside it.

But I am sure that being inside this Shifted House in Russia will give you a fun experience! Oh, we forget to tell you, this is literally an upside-down house.

The Shifted House in Russia was made this way in purpose. It is a tourist attraction at the VVTs the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. The design is just an average European cottage and is fully furnished with the usual things we see in a house.

It even has a car and a bicycle parked outside. Talk about details right? The only different thing is its inverted position.

Shifted House

The house appears like a normal house if you look at it upside down.lol. But if you stand on your feet, this is how it appears.

Moscow, Russia

The exterior of the house is designed like a real house. It even has windows too. We also noticed that there are a trash bin and a dog house, just like ordinary homes.

All-Russia Exhibition Center

Once inside, the people will walk on the ceiling and not on the floor. The kitchen has complete appliances and kitchenware from a refrigerator to ladles!

Shifted House

This is an angle of the space between the living room and the kitchen. The designer has added some plants and even a glass of water at the center table.

They really appear like defying gravity when the photos are flipped this way.

Shifted House

People can even stand with a single finger on the dining table or sit above the window.

Shifted House

Or stand with the finger again in this red bedroom with heart covers depicting a cottage feel. Talk about giving creative poses!

Shifted House

But in reality, this is the position. Everything in the Shifted House is added in detail and are positioned at the ceiling.

Shifted House

All the house furniture is above you. Not just in this bedroom.

Shifted House

But even the toilet! Worry not, there is no water running here so you won’t get wet with you-know-what-kind-of water.

Shifted House in Russia

The Shifted House is very cool that the guests will look like hanging from the ceiling.

Shifted House Russia

When in truth, they are upright on the normal position.

Nevertheless, a visit to the Shifted House will bond you over with friends and family as taking photos should have teamwork.

This will also be great for people who love taking cool photos for social media like Facebook and Instagram!

The furniture and all the other kinds of stuff in the Shifted House are glued really well because if not, they’ll fall off. We really find this interesting and the way we look at it, everyone will have a great time inside.

This isn’t just an inverted house. It is also a playground for the guests to experiment with how they will connect to the strange environment. Told you, you won’t get dizzy.