Must See: 10 Shipping Container Houses for Ideas

Shipping container houses? Hmmm… Sounds a bit weird, right? But let me tell you that a house made from these containers can be pretty interesting too!

You are probably familiar with shipping containers. Those large and long sturdy containers used to carry goods on boats and trains.

Amazing how people nowadays can think of great ideas from regular things we see outside. Just like these shipping container houses.

I mean who would’ve thought that you can make it into a livable space and make it pretty?

They look plain and industrial. No one will find it interesting at all.

Once you see what the architects did to these shipping containers, however, you might buy your shipping container right away. Or maybe wish to have one like this shipping container houses below.

Just a little creativity and you will get a cheap home from shipping containers. And yes, you can do away with the ordinary shipping container homes.

They merely occupy one block because you can combine two or more and get a larger and more reliable home. Believe me.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Shipping Container Homes

These shipping containers are now being used for building homes, studios, cabins and even offices. And while playing with giant blocks has a certain appeal that leaves home and office owners drawn to it, using shipping containers for your home has certain advantages too.

These advantages usually involve shorter construction time, provides easy transport and setting, and they have more predictable cost. The containers are pre-fabricated so owners have a more or less idea on the time and the cost of building their space.

Like everything else, there are also some disadvantages in using shipping containers. And no, we are not discouraging you, but to help you in the design phase so that you miss anything.

Among the disadvantages are the structural issues such as the durability of the roof and its corrugated steel wall. It is important to put new reinforcements to the structure.

Second is the space and the shape which designers may find limited especially when systems like plumbing, HVAC and insulation are put in place.

Like in every home design ideas, pros and cons are not that new at all. As long as you have thought it all out, then there won’t be any problem at all.

Shipping Container Houses Sample and Ideas

Now that we have discussed some of the pros and cons of having a shipping container house, let us take a look at some shipping container house designs!

Below are just some cool examples you might find inspiring!

1. The Tim Palen Studio

The Tim Palen Studio is considered as a hybrid house designed by Ecotech Design in the Mojave Desert.

Its interior and exterior have a rather industrial look. We love how simple it looks from the outside and blends well with the surrounding landscape.

The Tim Palen Studio

2. The Caterpillar House

This house in Santiago, Chile is made from 12 containers. Because of its design, it is called The Caterpillar House.

Its design in the facade allows the natural cooling system from the mountain.  It’s like a shipping container house combined. So unusual & unique like the Floating house.

The Caterpillar - Shipping Container Houses

3. San Antonio Guest House

The San Antonio Guest House is a 360 square feet home designed by Poteet Architects that has a living room, study area, bathroom, and patio.

We love how the designer was able to blend in wood to the steel body of the shipping container.

San Antonio guest house

4. San Jose Home

A house worth $40,000 made of two 40 ft. shipping containers designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe is located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The interior of the house doesn’t feel like its made from shipping containers at all.

Benjamin Garcia Saxe Shipping Container

5. Mobile Dwelling Unit

A Mobile Dwelling Unit designed by LOT-EK incorporating pop-out elements that extends from the 40-foot long, 8-foot wide home.

We love how the exterior is simple and basic yet you are in for a surprise once you get inside!

Mobile Dwelling Unit

6. Six Container Home in Flagstaff

Six containers comprise this home in Flagstaff, Arizona built by Ecosa Design Studio. It has concrete floors, glass, walnut wood, and a rooftop terrace.

The designer has successfully shaped the house into a home with its refreshing mint green paint and unique interior.

Ecosa Design Studio Container House

7. Redondo Beach House

The Redondo Beach House by DeMaria Design in Manhattan Beach, California is one amazing house design using eight shipping containers with a 20-foot ceiling and an outdoor lap pool!

We love the open glass wall at the front of the house making it look wider.

Redondo Beach House by DeMaria Design

8. Manifesto House in Madrid

The Manifesto House in Madrid, Spain is designed by Infiniski comprised of two 40-foot and two 20-foot shipping containers that are also incorporated with alternative energy systems.

Its facade looks cool.

Manifesto House in Madrid

9. 40-Foot Home in El Tiemblo

Four 40-foot shipping containers make up this home located in El Tiemblo, Spain designed by James and Mau Arquitectura and built by Infinski.

Shipping Containers Infinski

10. Six Oaks

Six Oaks by David Fenster of Modulus located in the Santa Cruz mountains of California is a 1200 square foot home.

Six Oaks

So… What do you think?

Cheap homes but expensive appeal. Who would not love to get shipping container house like this?

Told you, you will be amazed and I know, you are thinking of getting one for you too.

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Must See: 10 Shipping Container Houses for Ideas

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