Recycled House: A Home for Everyone

Whoever thought that making a recycled house can be this fulfilling? Well, this man thought he’d build a home from trash… And give it to the homeless!

When we live a good life or a better life than others, it would definitely be great to share what we have to those in need.

After all, not all of us are blessed with a good life. Where we can eat anything we want, wear whatever we want, have access to health facilities and own or rent a home.

Some less fortunate people would merely eat the excess food of others, wear the same dirty clothes, and live in the streets.

This scenario moved Gregory Kloehn to do something.

Gregory Kloehn is a kind-hearted and crafty artist in Oakland, California who make mobile homes for the homeless out of recycled and reclaimed materials.

He used his construction skills in providing homes for those who merely live in the streets. He selects parts that he can use to build a home from refrigerator doors, laundry machine doors, cargo pallets and many others.

His creativity is amazing. We are impressed of how he designs every home which is never the same as another home because the design depends on what materials he could gather.

Gregory Kloehn

Gregory looks into a heap of garbage to check if he could salvage some materials to make a house.

Homeless Homes Project

He uses whatever he can find that seem useful and make homes like this.

Homes from Trash

Kind of reminds me of the small house we have featured before.

It may be small but it is enough for a person to sleep in a decent place under a roof and inside the wall.

Recycled Home

He dedicates his time in building small houses which are framed with reclaimed wood.

Recycled House

But aside for building the homes, he also see to it that it looks beautiful even if it is made from scrap materials.

Homes for Homeless

Inside the recycled house, one would definitely feel secure no matter how small it is.

Homes for Homeless

And it has wheels so that the people who live in the streets can bring their homes with them wherever they go.

Homes for Homeless

Look at this happy kid who was given a pretty purple mobile home!

Homes for Homeless

Like what we said, each recycled house is different from the others. This one has a curved roof made from plastic.

Homes for Homeless

And this is the interior. You can see how well-crafted the house is!

Homes for Homeless

Even if he is just giving it away for free, he makes sure that each house is sturdy and beautiful.

Homes for Homeless

Because he wants others to feel how it is to have their own homes instead of living roofless.

Homes for Homeless

Gregory dreams that every homeless person could be given a house like this. Even a recycled house.

He is even willing to teach other people how to do it so that more homes can be made for the homeless.

Amazing. We never thought that trash can actually turn into a home! This guy really has a brilliant mind and a kind heart.

Both of that moved him to build homes and he did not even look at it as a waste of time because he could help others. He have enlisted some volunteers to help him with this project. You can help too by donating through his website. Every donation could save lives and change lives!

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