A Relaxing Underwater Experience at The Manta Resort in Pemba Island

Did you ever dream of waking up with fishes around you? You can experience that at The Manta Resort in Pemba Island!

Nothing can be as breathtaking and heart-stopping as seeing ocean creatures outside your bedroom window while you are enveloped with turquoise blue seawater.

That would be dreamy!

You will get an underwater experience of a lifetime with a close encounter to the amazing underwater creatures. Who knows, Ariel might stop over to say hi!

This underwater bedroom is one of the many room options when you stay at The Manta Resort. The resort is located at the Pemba Island near Zanzibar in Tanzania.

This Swedish engineered floating structure has three levels. It includes a bedroom four meters below the surface, a water deck for lounging and dining, and a top deck for stargazing and sunbathing.

What more could you ask for? Your $750 per night would be worth it. Let me show you why!

The Manta Resort

If you love to dive, then you are in for a treat. The healthy and thriving marine life will be just within your reach. You can do this all day.

This is just one of the things that you can do in the resort- chase fishes and marvel on its beauty.

Pemba Island

But that is not all. There is this square structure on top of the water. This aerial shot captures how gorgeous the area is.


The structure seems to be the only foreign object in the water with all-natural beauties around it.

Complete privacy and peaceful isolation at its finest – just the sun, sea, and the sky as your companion.

This experience at the Manta Resort is truly unique and refreshing!

The Manta Resort

Imagine just jumping overboard anytime you want. Pure total bliss! It doesn’t feel like you are at the Manta Resort at all.

The Manta Resort

Swim underwater, sunbathe on the top deck, lounge on the water- all that and more!

The Manta Resort

And when we say more. We mean happiness more than what you expect to get only at the Manta Resort.

The Manta Resort

But you are not entirely alone…

The lovable marine life would visit you from time to time while you are in your underwater bedroom, 4 meters below the water. It’s like being in your submarine, minus the complicated controls that are.

The Manta Resort

The room has a tropical-themed interior. It is made simple, however, so that your eyes will be merely drawn to the epic beauty around you.

Personally, there is no better decor than the underwater view of this room at the Manta Resort.

The Manta Resort

Get into a deep slumber where you are lullabied by the ocean’s waves and guarded by these sweet ocean creatures.

The Manta Resort

Aside from the fishes, these squids will give you a show that is prettier than any dancing lights. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Manta Resort

The floating structure is a gem in the heart of the wide waters and would look even more gorgeous when the stars are bright. Such a great concept from the Manta Resort!

The Manta Resort

Aside from the underwater bedroom, the top deck is a perfect spot to relax and sunbathe. This is pretty dreamy and relaxing!

The Manta Resort

The water deck has these comfy benches too so that guests can completely have a relaxing vacation in the fabulous Manta Resort.

Between the top deck and the water deck, I’d probably prefer the top deck. Imagine seeing the ocean floor from the top. The water is clear enough to see the wonder of the ocean!

I’m taking a wild guess, but I know that you were left speechless when you saw this.

So, when you make a list of places to visit around the world, don’t forget to include The Manta Resort for this is one place that will give you exclusive time with the tropical marine environment, even when you are sleeping.

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A Relaxing Underwater Experience at The Manta Resort in Pemba Island