Have you Seen the World’s Largest Pool? You Really Need to See this.

I’m sure that you will think your own pool is boring once you see how this pool looks like and how much fun it can offer. But I just think this one used so much water which could’ve been utilized for other purposes. But then again, it does look cool and beautiful. People who love the water would look at this as a paradise!

What you are about to see is actually the world’s largest pool located at the San Alfonso Del Mar private resort in Algarrobo, Chile. Wait. Before you get your swimming attire, take a look at the pool first. Just stay calm.

Algarrobo, Chile

This man looks like floating on the beach but when you look at the waters, you will see a familiar pool aura in it.

world's largest pool

Yes, you can do this in the pool because it is a half mile long covering over 20 acres.


Its deck is also huge with so many interesting features and exciting things to do. It has a temperature controlled beach area where you can bath free from the sun’s heat.

swimming pool

It contains 66,000,000 gallons of sea water and is 115 feet deep.

San Alfonso Del Mar private resort

You read it right. It is filled with seawater that is pumped, filtered and treated from the Pacific Ocean.

San Alfonso Del Mar private resort

It has hotels around it too. You can do different sports from scuba-diving to volleyball.

San Alfonso Del Mar private resort

This is how the pool looks like in Google Earth. It is really big indeed!

San Alfonso Del Mar private resort

And has a free form that looks beautiful and intriguing at the same time.

San Alfonso Del Mar private resort

But many wonder why there is a need a build a very huge pool just NEXT to the ocean.

San Alfonso Del Mar private resort

When in fact you can bath in the ocean too. Only that the pool offers perks for a luxurious vacation.

When San Alfonso Del Mar said that it is the most successful holiday real estate project ever, we agreed. This pool spent $2 billion in its construction and needed $4 million yearly for maintenance. Is this a good design for humanity’s leisure or is it something harmful to the environment masquerading as a fun place? Well, those are the two things that most people think when they see this. What do you think of this? Are you one of those who will grab their swimwear to dip into the world’s largest pool or one of those who have something to say about this recreational area? Tell others what you think and share this post too!