This Will be the Coolest Cabin That You’ll Be Seeing TODAY. Trust Me.

Don’t we just love going on a vacation with our family? Accompanied by the kids and those who are kid-at-heart? Have those silly moments of just being together and at the same time have enough space to relax and meditate? Well, many resorts nowadays are offering those and more. But I came across a truly unique apartment on a ski resort that completely made me want to pack and visit it!

The Cabin is a small ski resort apartment in Menuires, France that features a truly unique accommodation for those who are traveling with a large group, particularly for those families with energetic kids. The space has been utilized efficiently to give everyone the space they needed and at the same time enjoy the view that the resort offers. Designed by the H2O Architects, the renovation of this old building has proven to be a challenge and a fulfilling project.

The Cabin

The team was faced with the challenge of increasing the living-room surface without modifying any of the structural or supporting elements, create 2 bathrooms instead of the one existing, preserve the number of beds which is 8 beds in an area of 55 square meter and yet maintain the separate circulations for each. To cater the request, the design team made the flat fit into the furniture! Sounds complicated, huh? Not for them!

The Cabin Rendered

A large wooden curve runs through the entire space which gathers all the basic functions of the house around it. It allows a larger free space towards the windows. Here, guests are offered a panoramic view of the mountains.

The Cabin Curtain

The central space of the Cabin is all in white that matches with the wrapping terrace. A curtain device separates the rest of the cabin, allowing for a greater privacy around hte sleeping units. Cozy isn’t it?

The Cabin Sofa

This corner here is a built-in reading corner with a comfy chair to sit into. Adjacent to it are sleeping spaces where one has to climb up to the second bed which is provided with a reading lamp, a small tablette and storage. I sure wouldn’t mind reading a good book on this nice couch or sleeping on this peaceful sleeping nook! Cool, huh?

The Cabin Curtain Device

4-The Cabin Kitchen

The kitchen is back to back with the bathroom. The sink is placed on the wooden curve, with the utensils and other kitchen items on the central shelf.

The Cabin Wall

Looks like an ordinary wall right? But look closely…

The Cabin Door

It is actually a door and a window to a bedroom plus a closet for storage!

The Cabin Bedroom

Here, another set of beds are located, complete with storage spaces for books and other stuff.

The Cabin Table

And just beside the bed is a cute and simple table and chair with a truly breathtaking view of the mountains. Wow!

Who wouldn’t love to stay on this cabin? It’s like going on a cozy vacation with your entire family or with a group of truly cool people. I must say, the designers had indeed made an exceptional and brilliant job!