Extraordinary Sink Design That You’ll Wish You Have in Your Home

Are you looking for a unique sink design that you can use in your homes? We have some amazing ideas for you!

We are sure you got used to seeing the usual oval-shaped sinks or basins in your home or even in your friends home. There are also rectangular ones too.

A sink may be an item in the home that we are not so fond about. Well, hey, it is just a sink. What about it?

For most of us, this domestic item is something we merely use for some chores or for washing hands.

But what if you get a sink with a super unique design? Your guests will surely be amazed that you have.

And you will not hesitate when they feel the need to clean up on your basins.

For sure, you will hear them praise your sinks if you have one that is on this list of extraordinary sink designs!

1. Ammonite Sink Design

The Ammonite is a sink that is shaped as a fossilized ammonite. It is made from concrete and weighs 97 pounds! But you will enjoy seeing the water flow in a spinning motion down the drain.

2. Poor Little Fish Sink

If you can’t discipline yourself in washing your hands with too much water, the Poor Little Fish Sink will teach you that as the water goes down and would threaten the life of the fish. Cool fish aquarium, right?
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3. Water Map

Guess it would take a long time before the water goes down because it would still go through this Water Map that follows the pattern of the streets in the centre of London.
Water Map

4. Crystal Wash Basin

A transparent basin called the Crystal Wash Basin could be a modern addition to your bathroom.
Crystal Wash Basin

5. Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus

The Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus is a toilet and wash basin in one. After using the toilet, you can wash your hands on the basin!
Profile Smart 305 Round Front Plus


6. Kalla Sink Design

Add some blossom like item in your bathroom with the Kalla. It is a single block of Cristal plant with a wavy design.

7. Eaux Eaux

There is an integrated faucet for the Eaux Eaux that sends water to the sink.
Eaux Eaux Sink Design

8. Wing

The Wing isn’t just gorgeous but it has an extended plane that can be used as a vanity. Who wouldn’t love this unique sink design?
Wing Sink Design

9. Onda Omni Glass

Seldom would you see a plane sink just like the Onda Omni Glass that comes in various interesting colors! Worry not, the water won’t go spilling on the floor.
Onda Omni Glass

10. Philips Sink

This Philips Sink is an integrated chopping board and sink in one. Kitchen chores will surely be easy!
Philips Sink

11. Stalactites

Cave lovers will surely recognize the form of this sink named the Stalactites which is of course inspired by its name sake.

12. Abisko

The Abisko has a rare beauty that one would surely try to wash his hand to see how the basin works!

13. Murano Glass Calla Black Gold Vessel Sink

This sink sure is an ultimate addition to your luxurious space! The Murano Glass Calla Black Gold Vessel Sink design has a beautiful design that combines luxury and function!
Murano Glass Calla Black Gold Vessel Sink

14. Loft

Bring in a soft touch to your home with the Loft sink that has soft curvy sink design.
Loft sink

15. ArtCeram Sink

This ArtCeram Sink is shaped like a tall cup and has lovely silhouette design on it.
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16. W+W

This wall hung basin is called the W+W since it is a combination of a washbasin and a water closet.

17. Transparent Sink

This one is a cool Transparent Sink where you can see water running even under it!
Transparent Sink

18. Silenzio Sink of Antonio Lupi

Get some LED drama from the Silenzio Sink of Antonio Lupi. Isn’t this a beauty?
Silenzio Sink of Antonio Lupi

19. Wire Sink

You’d look at the Wire Sink as a tall basket with intertwined base.
Wire Sink

20. Mystic Bar Sink

If you want a luxurious looking sink, then the Mystic Bar Sink is the one for you! Perfect for house parties too!
Mystic Bar Sink

21. Yellow and Red Rose sink

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this Yellow and Red Rose sink? We are sure you will!
Yellow and Red Rose sink

22. River Washbasin

Have your own river in the house with this River Washbasin. Lovely, right?
River Washbasin

23. Lemon-Shaped Sink Design

You can also have a Lemon Shaped sink in your home too for a cute addition to your space.
Lemon Shaped Sink

24. Pisyuar Sinks

At first look, I thought the Pisyuar Sinks were penguins but of course, they aren’t. Just look at the colors!
Pisyuar Sinks

25. Ebb Sink

You’ll get to see a play of lines in the Ebb Sink that has an interesting modern design.
Ebb Sink

26. Artelinea

A free-form sink design of Artelinea that would add some artistic flare into your space.

27. Mons Lavabo

Treat your kids with a bright colored sink called the Mons Lavabo. They are like monsters but they do look cute!
Mons Lavabo

28. Loop Sink

This is the Loop Sink that is a basin with a drawer and a complementing shelf.
Pop-out Bowl Cutting Board

29. Living Kitchen Sink

What could be more hi-tech than the Living Kitchen Sink where you will just draw it on the wall and it would come out as a sink and faucet!
Living Kitchen sink

30. Vaskeo Diamond Sink

Looking for a modern sink? This Vaskeo Diamond Sink will be a good option!
Unique Diamond Sink

So, what can you say about these sink design? These look interesting and would be lovely features for the home.

Having these in your own house will make you feel proud of it. For sure, guests will be in awe upon seeing your sinks.

Now, can you tell me, which of the above sinks appeals to you the most?

Why don’t you share this with your friends too and check if you like the same sink designs!