The Extraordinary Cloud House You’d Love to Live In

Who’d expect a designer to create a cloud house and make it extraordinarily modern? Yep, you read it right! There are houses made of bottles and houses of shipping containers, and there are houses made into clouds too!

I did not expect that a house can be a cloud. No doubt, the homeowners were on cloud nine when they saw how their very home turned out to be.

The curves that form the playful cloud house design is just beautiful and very impressive.

The Cloud House is an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. This part of the house allows a sequence of distinct episodes in the interior which you will see in the images below.

The craftsmanship of the house is remarkable that you couldn’t stop but marvel at how the house has turned out!

Cloud House

Sure, it is a cloud. This reminds us of the clouds that we used to scribble when we were still kids. I’m pretty sure you can all relate!

McBride Charles Ryan

From the old Edwardian home, one will arrive at this cloud-shaped extrusion which sure is one unexpected final space.

Looking at this angle, you will wonder how one can live in such a uniquely shaped home. Would it be comfortable as clouds seem to be?

Fitzroy North

The look is playful yet its appeal is unequaled by any other home design because the idea of a cloud house is very much rare. Looking at it is like a breath of fresh air and you can just imagine how spacious it is inside with those high and curved ceiling.

Cloud House

An L shaped pool grace the yard adding more cloud-9 elements to the area. I think you can even imagine like you are on the cloud and you will jump from it into the water!

The blue-tiled pool adds a bright color to the backyard. It would be nice to spend a lazy afternoon just enjoying the exterior of the cloud house from the pool.

Cloud House

But of all the clouds, this is the sturdiest. This is a part of the cloud house’ structure, painted in red.

Cloud House

Sturdy but beautiful where family and friends can eat together under its curves.

The wood-design of the floor, wall, and ceiling softens the interior and gives it a cold but fresh feel.

Cloud House

While marveling at the red cubic kitchen that is seemingly inserted in the cloud form.

We like how the wooden panel makes it appear like the red cubicle is moving at a speed of light! Quite a futuristic and playful concept!

Cloud House

Let us take a closer look this red block. You will be amazed at what you will see for there is a hallway. Come on!

Cloud House

A hallway that is largely white, united by exotic floral hallway carpet. Very different from the wooden panel of the cloud house and the red kitchen.

Cloud House

This hallways then leads to an Edwardian Facade.

Now, that is quite different from what we’d expect!

Honestly, we were kind of confused at first but then we realized that this is the facade of the house.

Anyone that comes will be surprised that a cloud house is at the back.

Cloud House

This cloud house and that Edwardian house is one whether you believe it or not.

The owner must’ve liked the fact that they have a slice of heaven at the back!

Cloud House

We would agree too! Look at the play of colors at this angle! The quiet colors of the interior and how it reflects in the water is mesmerizing!

This unique home called the Cloud House was built and designed by McBride Charles Ryan. It exists and it was designed in a very distinct manner.

The extrusion of the house is an essential contemporary barrel vault that adds more 3Dness to it.

This cloud house would bring us to the vast heavens to where the clouds are. But what will send you more to cloud-9 is the fact that this cloud house comes as a surprise behind another house and yes, it comes with a pool and a kitchen.

So… What do you think? Are you as impressed as we were? Quite the unique house, don’t you think?

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The Extraordinary Cloud House You'd Love to Live In