30 Unique Chopping Board Designs [Only the Best]

Who says chopping boards can be dull and boring? Well, this cool chopping board designs will change your mind!

Admit it. It is more fun to do chores and other work if you use something unique or fancy.

Some people also love to get unique and even expensive stuffs for the home especially for the kitchen. Getting stuff like this to make us feel excited and it seems to make work enjoyable and easier.

That is why there are plenty of fancy designs for kitchen gadgets and accessories.

How would you feel if you have a game pad chopping board or one that has a trash bin with it or one that goes with complete tools?

Well, that would definitely be amazing and fun. You might even feel good about chopping, slicing, and cutting! Lol.

But kidding aside, there is really a different feeling when what you are using is out of the ordinary!

1. Splash Red Chopping Board Designs

The Splash Red Chopping Board will appear like you are working on a splash of blood or spilled paint!
Splash Red Chopping Board Designs

2. Bamboo Appetito

Easily dispose peelings into the chopping board itself since the Bamboo Appetito has a concealed stainless utensil tray.
Bamboo Appetito

3. Index Cutting Board

If you are the kind who wants to use a different board in chopping meat and veggies, then you will love the Index Cutting Board! There is definitely no contamination here!
Index Cutting board

4. Whale Wood Cutting Board Designs

You would find this Whale Wood Cutting Board very interesting especially if you have that love of sea creatures.
Whale Wood Cutting Board

5. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board

This Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board will surely be a hit for Star Wars fanatics as it took the form of an iconic Star Wars ship design.
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board


6. Gamepad Chopping Board

This Gamepad Chopping Board is made of toughened glass taking the unique chopping board designs of a retro game controller. Now this one is for game addicts!
Gamepad Chopping Board

7. One Stop Chop Cutting Board

Made from bamboo, the One Stop Chop Cutting Board Designs has drawers on the base where you can store the ingredients you have chopped.
One Stop Chop Cutting Board

8. Kiwi Chopping Board

This is a cute design for a chopping board! Go get your own yummy looking Kiwi Chopping Board. It is like you will be slicing a fruit on a fruit!
Kiwi Chopping Board

9. State Shaped Chopping Board

You can now chop on wherever state you live in through this State Shaped Chopping Board. Each one is of course unique as it is designed based on the form of the state.
State Shaped Chopping Board

10. iBoard

If you are that tech-y, then why don’t you get that feeling of chopping on your iPad with this iBoard. Or you can just add a wooden texture display an start chopping on your device. lol

11. Pie Slice Cutting Board

You can cut on different segments with this Pie Slice Cutting Board with modern colors.
Pie Slice Cutting Board

12. Star Wars Death Star Chopping Board

The Star Wars Death Star Chopping Board is another item for Star Wars collectors.
Star Wars Death Star Chopping Board

13. Puzzle Board

You can use the Puzzle Board in more than one ways which made it even cooler!
Puzzle Board

14. CHOPin cutting board

The CHOPin cutting board is like a butcher’s cleaver but actually stores a knife on the part that looked like a handle.
CHOPin cutting board

15. Worktop Saver Tomato Vinyl Chopping Board

Use the Worktop Saver Tomato Vinyl Chopping Board as a chopping board designs that is meant to protect your surface from hot pots. Music lovers will surely like this!
Worktop Saver Tomato Vinyl Chopping Board

16. LCD Cutting Board

Combine digital technology and your kitchen chore in the LCD Cutting Board where you can watch recipes right in your board!
LCD Cutting Board

17. Guitar Wooden Chopping Board

Another chopping board that would be perfect for music lovers. Bring music to your kitchen with this Guitar wooden chopping board.
Guitar wooden chopping board

18. Rinse and Chop Plus Cutting Board

You can rinse your meat and vegetables before chopping on the Rinse and Chop Plus Cutting Board. Now that’s two functions in one!
Rinse & Chop Plus Cutting Board

19. Chef Sleeve Cutting Board

Now you can read or even watch recipes on your iPad while chopping on the Chef Sleeve Cutting Board since you can prop your iPad on it.
Chef Sleeve Cutting Board

20. Collapsible Bin and Cutting Board

Clean up while cutting using the Collapsible Bin and Cutting Board. You can remove the bin when you throw away peelings and other stuff.
Collapsible Bin & Cutting Board


With CUT IT SHARP, you can now start cutting with precision!

22. Snow Peak Chopping Board Set

If you want to go somewhere to do some cooking or you might go camping, the Snow Peak Chopping Board Set could be handy since it stores a knife and can be folded and sealed.
Snow Peak Chopping Board Set

23. Cassette Chopping Board

If a Vinyl chopping board is not enough for you, then why not get a Cassette Chopping Board to seemingly fill your kitchen with music.
Cassette Chopping Boar

24. Fred and Friends OUCH! Voodoo Cutting Board

Halloween or not, the Fred and Friends OUCH! Voodoo Cutting Board would be a fun addition for the kitchen!
Fred and Friends OUCH! Voodoo Cutting Board

25. >Say Cheese Cutting Board

It isn’t just for cutting cheese but the Say Cheese Cutting Board will paint a smile on your face!
Say Cheese Cutting Board

26. Curtis Stone Workbench

For serious chefs, they can use the Curtis Stone Workbench that has four built-in receptacles located on the right board where you can just push the other ingredients when you are done cutting. The chopping board designs have a pullout drawer that is a trash bin.
Curtis Stone Workbench

27. Organic Cutting Boards

Fun animal shaped boards that are considered perfect Organic Cutting Boards. Which animal would you love to get for a board? Lol.
Organic Cutting Boards

28. Pop-out Bowl Cutting Board

You can use the Pop-out Bowl Cutting Board for chopping and for storing food too!
Pop-out Bowl Cutting Board

29. The Lap Counter

The Lap Counter is a tray where you can peel, chop and slice even while sitting!
The Lap Counter

30. Soiree – Cutting Board With A Cheese Wire And Stainless Steel Cheese Tools

If you want to be always ready to chop and cook, then the Soiree – Cutting Board With A Cheese Wire And Stainless Steel Cheese Tools is what you need complete with all the tools for cutting!
Soiree – Cutting Board With A Cheese Wire And Stainless Steel Cheese Tools

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Yes, even chopping boards can come in unique and interesting designs too.

What is even more amazing is that most of them have added functions that make work easier. While others have designs that we won’t expect for a chopping board!

If you love these chopping board designs for sure you will also be interested to know about some overly expensive kitchen gadgets that some luxurious people use in the kitchen.

And don’t forget to share these cool chopping board designs with your friends too especially to those who love working in the kitchen!