The Ophelia: A Luxury Yacht with A Helipad and the Best Interior

When you think of a luxury yacht, what usually comes to mind? Well, let us take a quick look at this amazing yacht that will leave you breathless!

All of us want to get that relaxed feeling even when we are not on a holiday. We want our homes to be comfortable and sophisticated with an aura that will make us feel like a king or a queen.

Sure, we can do that to our own bedrooms and other spaces in the house just like the lovely interiors that you will see below.

Aside from a beautiful interior, the surroundings and views are also a plus. That is why most people prefer to live in areas that have a panoramic view of the ocean or even the city.

But there is a secret that we will reveal to you as we see the pictures. We know that from the interiors we will showcase, you will be totally envious but you will be extremely surprised once you see where these interiors are contained.

Ophelia Luxury Yacht

Ivory and beige when combined are very daring. The sheen from the glossy modular wall system is jaw-dropping!


Hmmm…Who wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly if this is their bedroom right?

Luxury Yacht

This is another bedroom with a beachy yet elegant feel.

Luxury Yacht

This is a neat and luxurious kitchen! That curvy island is a unique feature that adds contrast to the sleek lines of this kitchen.

Luxury Yacht

The bar looks sleek and hip. Who wouldn’t love to stay here for hours?

Luxury Yacht

A glass sliding door leads outside. And no, it isn’t just a dining area or view of the beach. This is even more breathtaking!

Luxury Yacht

A helicopter? Yes, there is a helipad here just right beside the dining area but then again, there is still more to it.

Luxury Yacht

It is actually a yacht, a luxury yacht that is. This is called the Ophelia which is comprised of 8 cabins and can sleep, 19 guests.

Luxury Yacht

It has a perfect area for the party and you can do this while floating on the sea!

Luxury Yacht

Once you are inside this luxury yacht, you will not expect that you are actually riding a floating vehicle.

Luxury Yacht

And this isn’t just a luxury yacht that can give us our wildest adventure. It will also make us feel like royalty.

If you were late for the trip, you can just ride a helicopter to get into it. There is a helipad after all.

And that doubles the fun!

Oh, we’d love to ride this sophisticated luxury yacht! It would certainly be an awesome experience!

There are many yachts like this one and each has a unique design that will give us a different adventure while on it too. We know you want to get into this too!

Tell your friends about your dream ride and let them come with you too! Share this story to them and you’ll surely be in a hunt for a yacht to ride on!