The Futuristic Geometric House That You’ll Fall In Love With

Isn’t it amazing how designers nowadays can turn regular houses into a futuristic home? Even better when they transform them into a modern geometric house!

The apartment that we will be featuring today is one amazing geometric house that modern design lovers will surely love!

This apartment has a futuristic design that uses geometric shapes in the interior. Try to catch a glimpse of different combinations of materials, colors, and textures from everywhere in the apartment.

Aside from the geometric design, there is one thing inside this geometric house that will make you marvel at its design. Inside it, one would feel like living in the future.

This apartment is situated in the Russian capital of Moscow and create by Geometrix Design. Well, from the name of their firm, it looks like they have a thing for shapes.

Come and take a look at the interior of this geometric house and you will be impressed by how the day to day shapes that we see was creatively integrated into the design of the interior.

Futuristic Apartment

Earth tones were used for the interior of this geometric house. The designer has combined various shades of brown to add a warm and homey ambiance to the apartment.

In this view, you might notice nothing unusual but prepare for a surprise.

Geometrix Design

That home bar can be hidden behind a sliding door. Looks great, right?

The sliding door has the same shade of color as the carpet and blends well with the overall design of the interior. Its padded design adds a softer feel to the sharp edges of its geometric design.

Geometric House

Look at the bar. It is closed now when not in use.

Now, move your eyes to the living room. Aside from the lounge chair and hexagonal glass center table, we are sure you don’t find anything else unusual.

Or do you?

Geometric Home

No, not this pendant light or that textured round centerpiece on the dining table.

Though we must say the elaborate design of that pendant light is definitely eye-catching and is still proportional to this geometric house’ dimension.

Geometric House

It is this home theater that adds an interesting edge to the room. And no, it isn’t just a design or an art object with geometric style.

Futuristic Apartment

It is a functional item that can be used by the owner at any time of the day. Its volume isn’t merely for architectural design but it contains storage system behind it with shelves and drawers.

Very smart isn’t it?

Futuristic Apartment

And this is the kitchen area with an island and high counter white chairs.

We love how the LED light on the kitchen counter adds a futuristic glow to the room.

Futuristic Apartment

The appeal and contrast of colors in this kitchen are just lovely and very much modern. Its designer has designed the room as modern minimalistic. They have managed to strike a balance between the colors black and white.

Futuristic Apartment

Now let us get into the bedroom where the geometry continues.

The wide windows allow much needed to brighten the room, but not so much as to disrupt the ambiance of the room.

Its wooden panel board gives the room a warm touch and it is complemented by the earth-toned curtains, floor, and chair.

Futuristic Apartment

As it is reflected in the glossy cabinets in this bedroom with wooden wall panels on the headboard side. Note other geometric elements in the space too.

Take a look at the cabinets with its geometric design. It is not dull and boring at all.

Futuristic Apartment

Have a look at this room. I know we promised you that it looks futuristic. It does. This even looks like the interior of a spaceship.

The tables are all edgy and are somehow soften by the comfy orange chairs.

Look at the light on the bed. It looks very modern!

Futuristic Apartment

With textured walls in geometric style and attractive pops of colors that will make you feel that you are going to fly to the future.

The windows are also wide and covered by long white curtains. It adds dramatic lighting to space.

Futuristic Apartment

You can also chill for a while in a bathroom with intricately designed walls and flooring. This particular area of the geometric house looks amazing. The pattern on the walls and the floor are eye-catching.

We like the shape of the mirror: not the edgy shape you’d expect but balances everything in the room.

Futuristic Apartment

Or in this area where you can get a glimpse of more geometric lines. The designer used some grad color to the room too and somehow compliments the room.

It may not be so obvious but no walls in the house are bare. Everything is treated with anything that will leave it beautiful and not plain from textured rock wall to Alcantara panels.

Despite adapting that futuristic design, the house interior remains cozy and homey. Geometrix Design showed us that we could indeed live in the future today by having a home interior of geometric artistry same as this apartment.

So, who says geometry is boring?

We don’t! And we are sure you agree with us!