There is a Dragon in a Garden But Instead of Breathing Fire, It Will Set Your Mind On Fire!

Whenever I see dragons in movies or in books, they are always associated with royalty, magic and classic tales. These magical creatures had been famous for guarding a princess locked on a tall tower and being beaten by a brave knight. They also guard a kingdom and attack another. But of course, dragons are make believe creatures but many people have grown fondness of them (exclude me).

And speaking of fondness, there is a guy whom we know have a thing for dragons because he has one in his very own garden. Worry not, the dragon will not harm him. It won’t breathe fire and it won’t fly high because it is merely cultivated and trimmed from a hedge. Uhuh. Just a hedge. No dragon training needed to tame it.

John Brooker

This Norfolk native John Brooker tends the dragon for hours every day.

Dragon Hedge

Proper maintenance is needed in order to retain the shape of the dragon from its snarling tooth to its pointy claws.

Dragon Hedge

What this guy is doing isn’t merely tending the hedges but he is actually doing a huge artwork too.

Dragon Hedge

The dragon is about 100-feet long and 20-feet tall. With this size, it really isn’t easy to work on this hedge. I’d faint if I have to do this for hours every day!

Dragon Hedge

But this old man has the passion and the patience to trim hedges into a masterpiece for 10 years.

Source: Damien McFadden

What drives him to do this for a long time? He does it for his wife. See what love can do?

Very amazing! This 75 year old man from England really blew our minds because of what he did. It shows that with dedication, patience, passion and love, we can do anything! As a matter of fact, we can even grow a dragon in our very own yard. Your gardening enthusiasts friends will love to see this. Why don’t you share this to them?