The Classy and Impressionable Interior of the W Verbier Hotel

When we go and look for a place to stay, we often look at its photos online and decide from there. First impressions do last and often the interior is one of the major things we consider before booking a hotel. And that’s what the interior of W Verbier Hotel really gives you, a lasting impression!

The outside of the W Verbier Hotel is intriguing enough, but the inside is very fascinating!

I actually did not expect that this is a hotel when I first saw its exterior, but then, the interior really blew me away! The design makes you wanna grab your passport and get into the plane on the way to Verbier.

Verbier is an Alpine village in south-western Switzerland in the canton of Valais and the famous ski area in the Swiss Alps!

Yes, the W Hotel Verbier Hotel is located in an area for ski enthusiasts making the hotel a global lifestyle brand’s first alpine and ski retreat. The interior uses concrete with fascinating scenery featuring smooth lines.

The smooth lines reflect the tracks left by mountain activities like bike tracks and skiing tracks. The beauty and energy of the famous Verbier mountains were brought inside the W Verbier hotel!

W Hotel Verbier

A hotel? Yes, it is a hotel. The architecture will surely intrigue you and will urge you to get inside this alpine retreat.

Concrete Architectural Associates

And you will be amazed by its breathtaking interior from this lobby to every corner of the W Verbier hotel.

This part of the hotel looks inviting with its muted lights and its boxed overhead light.

Verbier, Switzerland

For you can see colors of smooth lines anywhere just like on this angle.

The play of color looks really inviting and playful at the same time.

W Hotel Verbier

And even lines on the wall reflecting mountain tracks.

W Hotel Verbier

The lighting and furniture create a juxtaposition that reflects beauty and simplicity.

This room, in particular, looks cozy, especially with its pillows and leather seat.

W Hotel Verbier

Now let us take a look at this area… Such a gorgeous concept for allowing guest a spot to rest.

It is from this spot…

W Hotel Verbier

That you will get a perfect view of the outdoor beauty of the Verbier mountains. Cool sitting and viewing room, we might add!

W Hotel Verbier

I really did not expect a resto and bar like this which seems to get its coolness from the aura outdoors.

The combination of the lights and the color looks ultra-modern, sophisticated and futuristic. You can surely spend every night here and not get bored with the interior.

W Hotel Verbier

How about a round tub for relaxation equipped with a round ceiling… Who wouldn’t be tempted to relax here for an hour or two?

W Verbier

Or a massage for even more relaxation?

W Verbier

Or a spa area to get that warm relaxing feel?

W Verbier Hotel

If what you see above isn’t enough, then this pool will give you what you want.

W Verbier Hotel

Its round edges are just smooth and are extended from that pool indoors. Beautiful design!

You have the option to stay indoors or go outdoors to enjoy the view. Neat, huh?

W Hotel Switzerland

The bedroom is simple and it is the lighting that gives it a dramatic atmosphere. We like how the designer made use of this hanging lightbulbs as one of the room’s sources of light. We are pretty sure this gives the room an intimate and cozy ambiance at night.

W Hotel Switzerland

And this red soft walls that make it a perfect spot for cuddling.

Come to think of it, the red color is quite dramatic and adds a nice touch to the interior’s colors.

W Hotel Verbier

But if we talk about red, this bathroom used it perfectly combining it with wood.

I like how the designer used the floor to ceiling glass to make the room look bigger and expand it.

Oh well. I am sure that once you are inside the W Verbier hotel, you will get a different feeling about skiing and the alpines. Instead of the cold atmosphere and the rocky snowy mountains, you will grasp the beauty of smooth lines and comfy living.

The W Verbier Hotel designed by Concrete Architectural Associates is a one of a kind hotel that will be loved not just by alpine lovers or ski enthusiasts but even for those who are seeking for adventure and great hotel experience.

So… Just by looking at the photos, would you love to stay here for a week or two?